Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bout of books 8.0 Day 1 Progress

Well day 1 of the Read-A-Thon wasn't as disappointing as I thought.  I've actually managed to read more than I had originally realised.

My first book I'm reading is Blood Skies by Steven Montano.  When I started this read-a-thon I had read 5% of this book now I have read 29%.  Which considering I've only put in a couple of hours reading for me is good!
I have also signed up for the Bout of Books grand prize, participated in the twitter chat #boutofbooks; well until my phone decided it couldn't cope anymore and froze on me, and I joined in the #pairathon chat too!  I also spent some time chatting to the author both on Twitter and by email too!

As much as I may not have read very much there are a couple of quotes from the book which I really like.
The first quote is from page 45 of the kindle ebook.
Three corpses lay in unrecognizable heaps on the ground, their bodies perforated head to toe by the rusty weapons. Shreds of clothing clung to their decimated bodies. Bloody messes of hair and skin had spread like grisly jam."
The second quote is from page 63 of the kindle ebook.
"The unicorns emerge from the silver fog like a chain of nightmares. Their skin black and coarse, and thick dark blood oozes from their nostrils and hooves. Their eyes are white and their horns are jagged and covered in scratches. Their teeth are fanged."
Not the definition of a unicorn that I remember hearing, and I think if that's what I'd have been
told when I was younger I may have had nightmares! Now however, that's the sort of thing I love reading!

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  1. Hi Louise. I'm a new blogger as well :). Good luck with the Readathon. Blood Skies sounds pretty intense, I'll have to look into that author. Have a great day!