Monday, September 09, 2013

Review: Demon Restrained By Kelly Apple

Synopsis and Cover From Goodreads.

"Bas wants out.

Held captive by a crazed Alpha, demon Bastael hates all those he’s come across on the mortal plane. When a damaged werewolf falls into his path, he’s determined to use her and find a way to escape.

Evie wants to be safe.

Abused by her Pack and afraid for her life, Evie hides in the dark corners of the basement. The demon that’s already down there? He’s better than the Alpha upstairs.

But neither of them expects the connection that sets them both on fire.

With the Alpha’s lust for power escalating, Bas and Evie will have to find a way to break free or die trying.

Warning: This book contains one cocky demon and one werewolf who’s stronger than she looks. That’s right, folks… If the basement is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!"

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My Review: 5*.

Kelly has written this book really well and it doesn't read as though it's her debut novel. The book tells the romantic and passionate story of Bas; a demon imprisoned by an Alpha Werewolf; and Evie; an abused and neglected girl who has learned to melt into the shadows to avoid being found.

Evie begins to visit Bas and brings him food and water so that he doesn't die. What Bas really needs though is fresh blood to give him the strength and power to break free of his magical prison. Over time Bas and Evie build a friendship and a bond which gives Bas the hope that he may be able to escape the torturous Alpha Were yet.

Bas is the first Demon I've encountered that seems to have a softer side, and Evie manages to break through his Big, Bad exterior and find this softer side!

I was captivated right from the start, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for book 2!

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  1. I love it when an author can blow me away with their debut novel!!! By then I always worry it was just beginners luck!!!
    It sounds like an interesting light read!!! The characters definitely seem interesting!!!
    Great review!!! Hope you get to read the next book soon!!!