Thursday, September 05, 2013

Review: Passion, Power and Sin By Mike Wells

Synopsis and cover from goodreads:

This is Book 1 of the 5 book series.

"One spectacular financial scheme. One woman alone against the world. Young, beautiful, and yearning for love, Heather Bancroft meets the "perfect" man...and is lured into a game in which she begins to make more money than she ever imagined. Betrayed by her own innocence, she loses all that is dear to her and discovers that she has been mercilessly used. Defeated and broken, but surviving with sheer persistence and ingenuity, Heather emerges from her trying ordeal, determined to punish the ruthless man who destroyed her life. Her thirst for revenge takes her halfway around the globe, to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, where her nemesis secludes himself in obscene wealth that he's gained from the financial ruin of others. Heather is playing for the highest stakes in a lethal game. Only one man loves her - he's handsome, confident, and just as determined as she is. Only one man can stop her - a criminal mastermind who is intent on her destruction."

I have only read book 1 of the 5 so my review is only of part of the story. I will post a full review after completing all 5 books, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!
The story starts in the Mediterranean, on board an expensive ($300 million) luxury yacht; owned by the Venezuelan reclusive billionaire Ricardo Maya, who pulls off a $353 million scam.
Then we jump to New York City 5 months later, and meet Heather Bancroft. A 24 year old PR assistant, who is desperately trying to raise $200, 000 to keep hers and her mothers family home.
Heather suddenly begins receiving mysterious emails containing information about future events that can be bet on. Should Heather take any notice, should she gamble with what little money she has or even with her future?
Heather finds herself doing things that she probably never dreamed she'd do; like lying to those she loves, and flying to Tokyo and dealing with the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia).
The book is well written with some great characters.
As much as this is not my usual type of book (mainly due to the lack of vampires or blood and gore), I have found it to be a very gripping storyline that kept me turning the pages and had left me wanting more, needing to know what happens next. I can't wait to continue reading the remaining books!

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