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Review and Excerpt: A Sleep So Dark by Inara Scott Blog Tour

Book Info-
Title- A Sleep So Dark
By-Inara Scott
Genre- YA
Publication Date- October 25th, 2013


After watching her mother die in a car accident, sixteen year-old Tandy McIntyre is plagued by violent dreams. Terrified to sleep and losing her grip on reality, she agrees to attend an experimental group retreat with Dr. Robert Gillman, an expert in lucid dreaming.


In the bitter cold of a Colorado winter, Tandy follows Dr. Gillman and his enigmatic son Cade as they lead a group of troubled teens into the wilderness. There, Dr. Gillman claims he will teach them to control their unconscious minds and master their dreams. But when the dreaming and the waking collide, will Tandy ever be safe again?

Don’t Fall Asleep…



My 4.5* Review-
Tandy suffers from terrifying nightmares; she’s had them ever since the accident that killed her mother. The nightmares are so bad that Tandy does everything she can to stay awake.

Tandy’s father becomes more and more concerned for Tandy’s well being and sanity, so he enrols her in an experimental sleep retreat in a remote cabin in the Colorado Wilderness.

There are 4 other sleep troubled teens enlisted too; Bodie, Julian, Ione and Katelyn. The retreat is run by Dr Robert Gillman; who claims he can teach the group to control their unconscious minds and their dreams; and his son Cade; who has also had problems with sleeping.

Things don’t quiet go as the Dr had planned as someone ends up dead! The remaining group are stuck in the cabin as the weather has taken a turn for the worst and a snow storm has hit.

Just what will happen now that the real world and the dream world have collided?

I received this book free as part of the Inara Scott’s A Sleep So Dark Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book by Inara Scott that I have read; when I read the blurb for the book I couldn’t wait to join the tour! I wasn’t disappointed, I loved this book.

I’ve never come across a book that considers the dream world as being able to become real, so I found this book refreshing and original. I love the way that the atmosphere for the two worlds have been created using her words.

Tandy has a really good character. Although the thought of being in a remote cabin scares her, Tandy knows that her dad is terrified at the thought of losing her. So reluctantly she agrees to go. Tandy knows that this could be her last chance to save herself.

I also found Cade an interesting character too. He tries to keep his distance from the group. However Cade feels a pull to Tandy, he tries even harder to keep his distance but eventually he gives in. Cade and Tandy gradually get closer, and Cade knows that he must help Tandy face her dreams or risk losing her for good.

This book is full of mystery, suspense and chills. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend reading A Sleep So Dark.

About the Author-
I read my first romance when I was twelve, hiding in a storage closet among hat boxes and old shoes. When I was in high school, I wrote a my first novel, a pirate romance called "A Wild and Stormy Passion." (The heroine was the pirate, in case you're wondering.) Since then, I've written young adult novels and romance in almost every category.

I am a dabbler and an emotional sponge. I can't read scary books or anything with an unhappy ending. I reserve the right to love country music, puppies, true love, and happily ever after.

I review books I want to share the word about.

Life's too short to read something you don't enjoy!


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