Monday, October 07, 2013

Review: Soulrazor (Blood Skies Book 3) By Steven Montano

Synopsis and cover from Goodreads:

"The war continues…

Eric Cross and his team of elite mercenaries are the bane of the Ebon Cities. Armed with the cutting-edge arcane weaponry of the Southern Claw, Cross and his crew – Black, Kane, Ronan, Maur, Grissom and Ash – have become a veritable thorn in the side of the vampire armies.

Now the team is tasked with halting vampire activity near the remote city-state of Fane, where the Ebon Cities have teamed up with a former Revenger in search of a deadly weapon called Soulrazor.

To make matters worse, something sinister has happened to Cross, and the key to his salvation is somehow directly tied to the Ebon Cities’ new soldiers: a host of necrotic angels who bear traces of divine power.

Cross and his team must travel across a blighted wilderness and do battle with a vile array of enemies as they race not only to save the city of Thornn from total annihilation, but to rescue Cross’ very soul from an enemy more powerful than he could ever imagine…"

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I read this book as part of Blood Skies Omnibus Volume 1 which was given to me by Steven Montano in exchange for an honest review.

My review:

Once again Steven Montano has achieved a superbly written book. This captures you attention and imagination; and draws you into the plot from the start. There was more than one occasion where I wanted to be either alongside Cross fighting with him or fighting for him. 

In this instalment of the Blood skies Series Cross is no longer a member of The Southern Claw. Instead Cross is heading up a team of mercenaries. The Southern Claw have contracted Cross and his team to stop a deadly weapon from falling into the wrong hands. The weapon: Soulrazor. 

But Steven Montano just isn’t going to give Cross or his team a break! Cross once again has his mind, body, soul and life endangered; and his warlock skills are put to an even harder test. 

Danica Black has a bigger role in this book; which for her isn’t necessarily a good thing! But for us as readers means there are even more twists and turns to keep us engrossed. Kane also features more in this book. Kane brings a touch of light heartedness to the story with his attitude and ability to always crack a joke; regardless of his ability superior fighting as a hell of a fighter. 

This is one series of books that I would definitely recommend reading if you haven’t yet. Soulrazor from me receives 5* rating. Up to this point this is my favourite book, but that may change after reading the rest of the series. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Great review! I knew you would love this book. Soulrazor is a great read! I say bring on Chain of Shadows!!!