Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Skeleton Song (prequel to Skeleton Lake) by Angela Kulig

I read this straight after reading Skeleton Lake.

*Synopsis and cover from Goodreads
"Drowning might not be the way most adventures start, but it is the only way at Skeleton Lake. When Death is your only companion, darkness is always on the horizon. 

In the prequel to SKELETON LAKE, Cassie chooses 
the wrong brother. That leads to a series of events that take all of her choices away. For in a world of beautiful bones and false flesh, sometimes life after death is killer."

My 4* Review:
Skeleton Song tells us the story of Cassie and its told from point of view. We find out why Cassie came to Skeleton Lake, why she loves both Raiden and Conrad. As the story is told from Cassie' s POV it includes her thoughts, feeling and emotions as her life unfolds.
Cassie tells of how Raiden is the other half of her soul, he just isn't enough for her

Skeleton Song also explains a little more about Raiden and Conrad's relationship too.

If you enjoyed Skeleton Lake then I think you will enjoy Skeleton Song too.

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