Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: The Voice By Jennifer Anne Davies

I read this book as part of the a blog tour and received a copy for free in return for an honest review.

Book Info:
Title- The Voice
By- Jennifer Anne Davis
Genre- YA Contemporary Romance

"During her abduction and assault, Audrey begins to hear a voice. She hopes she's not going crazy, because after what she's experienced, that's the most logical explanation. However, as she begins to listen to the voice, Audrey realizes that someone may be telepathically trying to help her.

Unfortunately, rescue isn't all she needs. In order to leave behind the constant reminders, she flees to her Aunt Kate's house in San Diego, and assumes a new identity. It works until the eighteen-year-old twin boys who live next door threaten to break through the protective walls she's worked so hard to build.

Between Caleb going out of his way to befriend her and Justin avoiding her at all costs, Audrey doesn't know if normalcy will ever find her again. But one thing is certain: When a familiar danger resurfaces, it's the same voice that she turns to -- a voice that is not only real, but a lot closer than she realizes.
Gripping and tastefully told, The Voice is a story of healing, trust, and courage."

My 4.5* Review:

The book itself deals with some terrible but very real and serious issues. Those issues include kidnapping, stalking, violence and rape. The book looks at both the events as well as the aftermath for both Audrey and everyone else around her.
Before the incident happened Audrey was a normal teenager, in her senior year. After the incident she was distrustful, skittish and withdrawn. She wouldn't touch anyone not even family or friends, she refused to see or speak to her friends.
There is one thing that Audrey trusts; The Voice. The Voice that was with her through her ordeal and The Voice that told her to scream and lead to her being found. Since being home The Voice hasn't been there, Audrey hasn't heard it and now feels alone.
As Audrey is struggling to adjust being at home, with the agreement of her therapist and her parents, Audrey is picked up by her Aunt Kate, where she heads back with Kate to San Diego. Audrey sees being in San Diego away from her overbearing mother as a good opportunity to end her suffering.
But The Voice returns as she attempts to do it, so she runs. Audrey ends up meeting Kate's neighbours, the twins; Caleb and Justin.They return Audrey home to Kate. Kate tells Audrey that if she wants to stay then she has to attend school and either Caleb or Justin will be in each of her classes to look out for her. This is where things change for Audrey.

I really felt for Audrey. She has had such a tough time. This book does a great job of explaining how Audrey thinks and feels about both the events that have happened and as she continues with her life.
Kate plays an amazing part in the way she tries to help Audrey by pushing her to do things but in a subtle and reasonable way.
Justin and Caleb, what can I say, Yummy springs to mind! Both the brothers play key parts throughout. Justin is portrayed as the secretive, quiet teenage boy, or at least around Audrey he is. Caleb on the other hand is very popular and all the girls think he's cute. he befriends Audrey with ease.

Overall I loved this book, and I'm really glad I offered to take part in the tour as a few months ago I wouldn't have given this kind of book a second glance. Don't Make That Mistake!
The book is written well. I became thoroughly engrossed so easily. There is a twist in the plot; so its not all plain sailing. Some parts are emotional too; you'll smile, laugh, maybe even cry a little too.
I don't know if there is a book 2 in the pipeline, but if there is I'll definitely be reading it.

About the Author:
Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she married her high school sweetheart, worked as a legal assistant, and taught high school English. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fuelling her own kids' creativity.


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