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Review: Work In Progress by Christina Esdon - Not So Secret Santa Author/Blogger Exchange and Givaway

I was invited by an awesome blogger friend; Danielle over at Consuming Worlds; to take part in this awesome event: Not So Secret Santa Author/Blogger Exchange. I said yes and have been paired with Christina Esdon and her book Work In Progress.

The Not So Secret Santa is to help Indie Authors gain more readers and to help bloggers find new authors to read. I have to admit that I had never heard of Christina Esdon before this event. I contacted Christina Esdon and we arranged an excerpt and review post for my stop in this event.

* Cover image from Goodreads

The Blurb: 

Psychologist Reese Morgan is a feisty workaholic who has devoted her life to helping seriously ill children. 

But work is just one of the many walls she has put up to protect herself from the legacies of childhood trauma and heart-wrenching grief. When the family support program she has struggled to build at the local hospital is threatened, Reese must confront her past and embrace her future. 

Sparks fly when she comes face to face with a handsome visionary: the contractor who is set to demolish the children's wing. 

Can Reese tear down the walls around her heart to let love in?


Reese yearned for release. Her skin glistened with sweat as she continued. No man could ever make her feel like this. Only she knew the sweet spots that could deliver the results she wanted. And while it was all about the journey, the destination was so much more satisfying. She felt heat pulsate in her belly and spread down to her legs, fueling the fire to keep going. Her breath hitched. She increased her speed, eyes rolling back into her head with a mixture of pleasure and pain. She moaned. She wanted to stop and enjoy the present feelings of hungry lust, but she had to keep going. She was almost there. She was getting close to the finish. Just a little bit more. A little bit faster. A little bit— 


She jumped. In an instant, her rush of energy peaked, and then drained. The endorphin high was gone. She yanked the earbuds from her ears and pressed the red stop button. She’d had a great run, but felt unsatisfied; her body still craved release. She came to a stop and raised her eyebrow at the person who’d interrupted her. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you,” said the man, smiling, not looking like he was sorry at all. 
“What?” Reese’s voice was curt as she gasped for air. Her eyes pierced through his, her pulse thudded to the beat of the deep bass lines of the music in the earbuds hanging from her neck. The lust in her belly turned to sharp anger. All she’d wanted was an endorphin high—the build, the rush, and the release. She’d needed it so badly, and now it had been ruined. By this shiny, happy jerk. 
The man smiled and repeated, “Morning. Didn’t mean to interrupt.” His sea green eyes twinkled, and seemed unbothered by the dagger eyes that were pointed in his direction. “Is this your water bottle? I was about to hop on for a run.” He held the bottle out to her, but his gaze remained on her. 
Reese grunted and grabbed her bright purple water bottle out of Mr. Bright-Eyed-And-Bushy-Tailed’s hand. She tipped the bottle up and took greedy gulps, her eyes still piercing into his. She quickly disinfected the treadmill, grabbed her gear and made her way toward the changing room. “Damn morning people,” she grumbled.
Josh had always exercised in the morning. He greeted the regular crowd with smiles and laughter as he headed toward ‘his’ treadmill, the one that had the perfect angle to watch ESPN and the news simultaneously…but someone had taken his spot. And not just anyone; a goddess who was giving the treadmill a workout of its own. As he walked by, he admired her powerful legs and the way sweat glistened off her shoulders.  
My lucky day, he thought, eyeing the available treadmill next to her. He went to set his water bottle down, but there was one in the holder already. His sexy treadmill neighbor moaned, making him lose his footing. Thankfully the treadmill wasn’t at high speed yet. But his heart rate sure was. 
He tried to get her attention. His workout was timed down to the minute to get the most bang for his buck. The delay was worth it, though. She looked to be a firecracker. He loved the warrior stare that seemed to drill a hole right into his stomach. It surprised him that he wanted to kiss her just to find out if there was a fire in her full lips to match the one brewing in her dark chocolate eyes.
He watched her drink from her water bottle. A trickle of water missed her lips, ran down the side of her chin, along the length of her neck, rounded the curve of her breast and nestled in her cleavage.
Lucky droplet, he thought.

My 5* Review:

I had been told by a couple of friends that this book was really great, but that still didn't prepare me for just how good this book is. I received my copy from Christina Esdon and I begun reading just an hour later. 
I struggled to actually put this book down once I started reading. to the point where my hubby actually threatened to take my Kindle and my phone(because of my reading app) off me because instead of going sleep I kept saying "just let me finish this paragraph", pages later I was still reading!

I found Work In Progress really easy to read. I found the scenes in this book very easy to picture in my mind. Christina Esdon has done a fantastic job of weaving more than one story into this book and each of the stories have been woven together in an amazing web, but all of them are really easy to follow and keep track of.

The characters are extremely well thought up. They all grow and develop both individually and as a group throughout the entire the book. I couldn't help but love the characters; all of them!

The two main characters are Reese and Josh, and what a couple they make; both can be stubborn and hot headed, as well as passionate about the things they love.
Reese Morgan's past has shaped how she lives her life, she hangs on to her anger to keep the hurt at bay. She hates her actual job but loves her time volunteering on the children's ward. Reese is angry and upset when she finds out that the children's ward is going to be demolished and the children moved to the neighbouring hospital after a short stay in the Palliative Care Department. Reese is also not looking for any kind of relationship, if anything she is only interested in Mr Right Now not Mr Right. But after meeting Josh will Reese's outlook change, will she finally let go of the past and allow her heart to feel?
Josh Montgomery is the man who now owns Montgomery Construction. He is very analytical and sticks to his plans to achieve his goals and solve any problems. Josh is however looking for Miss Right not Miss Right Now. He approaches dating in the same way he approaches a job; the first date is kind of like an interview; which determines if there will be a second date! That is until he runs into Reese. He tries to get to know Reese and time and time again he is pushed away, but Josh is very determined, his heart wants Reese. Will Josh manage to break through Reese's barrier of anger and hurt or will Reese manage to push him away so much that he gives up and walks away?

Overall Work In Progress made me smile, giggle and almost cry (I would have cried but there were other people around)! Christina Esdon's fantastic writing style made it so easy for me to conjure up some very vivid images in my own mind; especially of Drew and Josh!!

If you've never heard of Christina Esdon I strongly recommend reading Work In Progress. I'm glad I did and I'll definitely be getting the second book Poetry In Motion when its released; unless I can manage to get an ARC from Ms. Esdon *smiles sweetly and bats eyelashes at Ms Esdon* (sooo cheeky)!!

Read on for a peek at the amazing lady behind this truly amazing book!

Author Bio:

Christina Esdon is a hopeless romantic and dreamer extraordinaire. She loves to see the world through rose-colored glasses (literally) and has the uncanny ability to find humor and joy in the small things in life. When not writing, she can be found frolicking along the shores of Lake Huron, taking notoriously long bubble baths or contemplating the next renovation to her home in Ontario, Canada. Work in Progress is Christina’s debut novel. You can visit her at
Feel free to drop by and say hello to Christina at the following places:


  1. Great review! I am so glad you loved it as much as I did! Work in Progress blew me away! Thanks for participating Lou! :D

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me. What a lovely review. I am truly humbled.