Friday, December 06, 2013

Polaris Project Fundraiser

I have been asked by Author Karen-Anne Stewart if I could help her to promote a fundraiser the she is going to be doing. Naturally I said yes I would help!

In order for me to help Karen-Anne its means that I'm also asking for your help and support. In return for that help and support 100 of you have the chance to win a heartbreaking and awe inspiring book from Karen-Anne's The Rain Trilogy.  

It’s a giveaway to help raise money for Polaris Project (a wonderful organisation that fights human trafficking in a holistic approach).
If like me you have never heard of this then here is the link to their website: Polaris Project.

Karen-Anne Stewart is an amazing Author whose books; The Rain Trilogy; had an insight into the Nasty, Evil world of human trafficking. In the email from Karen-Anne this was how she described how she felt:

"When I researched human trafficking for The Rain Trilogy, I was horrified and enraged by what I learned.  I included the Human Trafficking Hotline number in the back of all three novels, but I want to become more actively involved.  I'm not a part of the Polaris Project but I learned about them while doing research and they have become close to my heart."

The Fundraiser Details:

The fundraiser will run from 4th December 2013 through to the 31st December 2013.

There will be 100 winners!!!  Karen-Anne Stewart will be giving one free e-book (winner's choice of either Saving Rain, Healing Rain, or After the Rain - winners must be 18+) to each winner.  
The way it will work is each person entering the rafflecopter will donate $1.00 through a link in the rafflecopter that goes directly to the Polaris Project peer2peer fundraising page and that person will be entered to win. 

There will also be a way to enter by tweeting about the fundraiser.  
Karen-Anne has never done a fundraiser like this before so the goal has been set for $1000, but she really does hope that your generosity and kindness will blow that out of the water!  

You can enter either by using the rafflecopter below or through the link to Karen-Anne Stewart's website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thank you so much for your help in spreading the word about the fundraiser for Polaris Project to help them put an end to human trafficking, Louise!