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Review: The Blood Crave Series by Christina Channelle Blog Tour

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Book Info-
Series-Blood Crave Book # 1
By- Christina Channelle
Publication Date- December 21,2012
Genre- YA Paranormal

What would you do if your dreams were more than just dreams?

When you knew in the depths of your soul that you were unlike the rest?

For seventeen-year-old Dahlia Winters, this is her truth. Her coping mechanism is to simply forget and deny the strangeness that is her life. Orphaned, her past remains a mystery. Now residing with a foster family, she finally feels normal--or attempts to. Yet, dreams continue to torment her. Not only consumed by visions of miraculously healing wounds, but of a lust for something she should never naturally crave.

Then a green-eyed stranger enters her life echoing her inner thoughts and voicing warnings about others wanting to harm her. He knows things about her that no one should possibly know, and he awakens her in ways she never expected.

This leads Dahlia to discover who she really is, for she is more than justhuman. With this newfound knowledge, and the elements suddenly fighting against her, she finds it hard to trust anyone. And as she finally awakens and comes to grips with the power she possesses, she fights to stay alive.

Before the world, as she knows it, ceases to exist.


Book Info-
Title-Fallen Tears
Series-Blood Crave # 1.5
By- Christina Channelle
Genre- YA Paranormal
Publication Date- January 25, 2013

We left off from DAHLIA with only a name--a name that is the next piece to the puzzle. A name that will eventually, "lead us to him." But before we delve into the continuation of the Blood Crave Series, let's answer the question that's been on all our minds.

Who is Rowan?

This 21,000 word novella answers that question, and of how Rowan has come to know the vampire with pitch-black eyes.


Book Info-
Title- Rowan
Series- Blood Crave Series # 2
By- Christina Channelle
Publication Date- April 1, 2013
Genre- YA Paranormal

Dark. Night. Death.

Things Rowan has been trying to avoid for the many years since she was first turned. Her choice: to sleep away the darkness; it beats having to deal with the craziness of life. Or rather, death. However soon after awakening, she stumbles upon a lone figure whose presence is shrouded with mystery.

She assists him in his search for answers making it even more difficult for Rowan to forget her past. She realizes she can’t hide forever as she is literally being sucked back into her chaotic world: a world where both fallen angels and vampires exist, manifested on earth as lapsus and lamia.

Not particularly … friendly with one another.

Rowan struggles to resist her hunger as a demon vampire while dealing with unwanted desires for a fallen angel from the past: a relationship that could only spell trouble. Not to mention the unresolved feelings she still has for a loved one from long ago.

While all of this is happening, they must all seek the hidden evil that hunts them—for there’s an ancient fighting to wake up and destroy everything Rowan holds dear.


My Reviews-

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of these three books as part of the Blog Tour hosted by Girls Heart Books in exchange for an honest review.

I read these books one after the other, only pausing after each book to write my review.

Book #1 Dahlia:
This is a very different and unique approach to vampires; or should I say Lamia. I've never read a book that has the perspective the vampires were originally created by Fallen Angels. This perspective and Christina Channelle's writing style work so well together and are quite refreshing.

The plot moves at a reasonable pace. The start seems a little slower but as this is the first book in the series there is a lot of background information being given to the readers and to Dahlia; who discovers what has happened and why things are the way they are between the Fallen Angels and the Lamia.

There are some serious twist in the plot and some unpredictable events which caught me off guard! I was so shocked at one point that I was sat staring open mouthed at my kindle. If I say more it would be a spoiler for those of you who haven't read this yet!
On to the characters!

Dahlia, I felt that she was a little indecisive and somewhat unobservant; which may have been intended. Dahlia is a likable character though.
Greyson AKA Green eyes! I didn't feel as though I really got to know him as well as I personally would have liked. Greyson's inability to stick to his original plan definitely made the plot better.

The Dahlia/Greyson relationship is something that I would like to see grow more; maybe I will in the remaining books. I felt that their relationship was very quick; there was very little time spent with the two getting to know each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dahlia. The end of Dahlia has left me feeling rather intrigued about the next two books. In Dahlia there is a mention of someone called Rowan. Rowan features in book #1.5 Fallen Tears and that leads me to my next review...

Book #1.5 Fallen Tears:
This is a more emotional book that tells the story of an orphaned girl who is found by a Lamia. This is the start of Rowan's story. From when she was found by Kaji, right through to how she was left with the Cross family; a family of Fallen Angels who have helped to keep the remaining few Lamia concealed from the Fallen Angels.

This novella is beautifully written and emotionally charged. I was drawn into this dark novella very quickly. I was impressed by how much was covered in such a small amount of pages and without it feeling rushed or crammed in.

I love how this book is based more around the Lamia; as I'm a lover of all things Vampire related!

Fallen Tears has left me eager to read Rowan and see how her life pans out, and how Dahlia and Greyson fit in or if Kaji and Adam return. On to Rowan...

Book #2 Rowan:
This book sees the unison of so many strong characters from this book and the previous two books. Rowan is a very character orientated book, so there is so great character progression and development. It's good to see how the characters from all the books so far begin to link together in the overall story.

I felt that the actual plot of Fallen Angels/Lamia conflict had been a little slow and under developed in this book. There are still some very good twists and turns throughout; just a lot more character based.

There is a tension/chemistry between Rowan and Remy, they eventually admit their feelings and there is some progression in their relationship; albeit briefly. Maybe this will continue in a future book.

Towards the end of Rowan there is another name mentioned; Craven. From the little tidbit of information that is mentioned surrounding Craven it seems as though this could be a key role in the conflict between Fallen Angels and Lamia. This brief mention of Craven has left me curious about what may happen in the next book.

Overall I have enjoyed reading the Blood Crave Series and I will definitely be reading the next instalment. If you love vampires then I would recommend reading the Blood Crave Series by Christina Channelle.

Book #1 Dahlia: 3.5*
Book #1.5 Fallen Angels: 4*
Book #2 Rowan: 4*
Overall Series(so far): 4*

About the Author-
A dreamer, Christina Channelle holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing up a new story on her computer. When not writing, Christina spends her free time at the movies, listening to music, or eating sushi. She’s a reality TV junkie and has a close relationship with many characters on TV that have been a topic of many heated discussions among friends. She resides in Ontario, Canada.


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