Monday, January 13, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Day 7 Progress and Wrap Up Post

Progress Day 7 Sunday:

I have managed to read 10% of City Of Scars by Steven Montano. 

My Overall Read-a-thon Wrap Up.

During Bout of Books 9.0 I have managed to participate in 2 out of 3 Twitter Chats. I read the first 4 of my books posted on my Goals post. I missed the Ancients Of The Light books because I haven't received them yet. But that means I got to start on City Of Scars by Steven Montano.

I didn't get round to participating in any challenges; which I'm disappointed at myself for, but I can only hold myself responsible.

As always the Bout Of Books Read-a-thon was good fun. The chats were fast paced and funny too! I've met some great new peeps and look forward to seeing you all next time. That you to Amanda and Kelly for hosting an awesome fun reading event. 

Now its time to start writing up all my reviews for the books read this last week!

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