Thursday, January 16, 2014

Promo and Excerpt: Kate Gets Marks by Ronnie Strong

Today on Relaxed Reads I have agreed to help promote author Ronnie F Strong and his book Kate Gets Marks; which I will be reviewing a little later. The goal for today is to give all you readers a glimpse of Kate Gets Marks and a chance to meet Ronnie if you don't already know him. As well as the usual book blurb I have an excerpt picked by Ronnie, an author bio and a picture reveal of the man himself! Yes folks that's right, Ronnie has remained pictureless to us readers until now. So to find out what Ronnie looks like you'll have to keep reading!


For years, Kate has been busy balancing family and career. Having been uninterested in sex for years, she is delighted to find her desires returning. Kate is troubled by her romantic attraction for a work colleague with the same name as her husband, Mark. Kate struggles with the conflict between her beliefs and concerns with her urges. She becomes even more confused after telling her husband of her growing attraction to the other Mark. Her husband tells her to pursue her feelings, even though they love each other. As she explores her wants and hopes through her thoughts and imaginings Kate finds clarity by realising she simply must give in to her irresistible desires. She then surprises and pleases herself by boldly taking the initiative.

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While it was a bit confronting, I liked this emerging me who was prepared to listen to her body and her desires, and to take risks accordingly. This new attitude of mine made me feel more alive and powerful than I had ever felt before. As I walked and took the lift to John’s office, I recognised that something truly life-changing was happening within my psyche. I had had enough of the constraining prejudices and outmoded taboos that had limited me. As never before, I now felt like I was actively making my life, and what I wanted from it. I slowed my stride to give myself more time to consider these thoughts. Perhaps this feeling of self-knowledge, self-acceptance and some contentment at what I was discovering about myself was a newfound maturity?Ha ha! If so I had grown up; yet, there were many more things that I needed to discover about myself. I could see how my recent fancies might be surfacing from the need to keep growing and learning from new experiences. My life had been pretty good, yet in some ways it was like carrying out a series of given roles and expectations. I had been daughter, student, worker, wife and mother. Who was I really? I wanted to lead a full life, and to have the chance to explore my own potential and mysteries. What did I yet have to find out about myself? Why was I having these yearnings; and what would I discover from their satisfaction? There was also another more sobering question. Did what I was doing having nothing to do with self-exploration, and simply mean I was being pulled towards another already given role of lover?I hoped all these thoughts and questions didn’t mean I was having a mid-life crisis. Surely I was still too young for that? Was I at a point in my life where I realised who I really was, my own way of being, my own I. Such profound thoughts! And all because I was about to meet with a manager to discuss a staff welfare committee! Hmm, I really did need to get out more!

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Ronnie came to writing erotica relatively late in life. He lives with his young family near La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) where he recently completed a PhD. Ronnie is a working parent with a partner and kids. His day job with a government body is a bit of a distraction, but does pay the bills. Ronnie loves music (especially David Bowie) likes going to the football, reading widely, and great movies and television series.

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