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Review: Calling You Home by Kristal McKerrington

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Jason finds out, Mary the woman he let go all those years ago has returned. Now they have a second chance at the future they have always dreamed of, but she carries a secret away when she left. Now that she's back her secrets have come home to roost. How will Jason react when he finds out what she has been hiding?

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Calling You Home by the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Jason lives with his son, in the house he built years ago for him and his future family. The love of Jason's life; May; told him just after he finished building the house that she has been accepted into college. Knowing he has to do right by May, he doesn't tell her that the house is for them.

So May leaves for college. Jason is heartbroken, he finds solace in their mutual friend Abby; whom he marries, lives with and builds a family with.

Jason is now on his own due to the death of his Abby, he is bringing up his son by himself. Jason's best friend; Drew; calls him to tell him that May has come home. Jason hopes that he can now have a second chance with her, if she will let him explain what was said before she left.

May, however, has a secret of her own. A secret that she has been hiding from Jason for so long that it might just destroy his love for her completely. Will May let Jason explain the night they split up? How will Jason react when he discovers May's secret? Can there be a HEA???

You'll have to bag yourself a copy to find out!!

In Calling You Home we meet Jason. Jason is a country boy through and through. He is determined that now May has come home he can make things right and they can have their second chance to be together and be happy. Jason is very emotional and he wears his heart on his sleeve; especially when it involves May. We also meet Drew; who is Jason's best friend, and of course May; who has been Jason love since childhood.

This novella is all about Jason, we don't really see much of anyone else. May seems to have her reasons for doing what she did; but there's not much of an explanation as yet. 

This is a very quick and compact novella, which is very easy to read. I think the overall story line and plot have potential. It is very a very emotional especially for Jason. I was certainly engrossed in this book. I'd recommend giving Calling You Home in you enjoy short emotional stories. I'll certainly be keeping an eye open for book 2.

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Kristal McKerrington has been a professionally published author since 2010. She's a former writer for Calling Spots magazine. She created and wrote on Romance and The Wrestler for Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. She's represented by Barone Literacy Agency. She's been a best selling author for XoXo Publishing. She's appeared on TMZ a few times and writes with Reem Vision.

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