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Review: Miyuki by Veronica Bane

Today I'm happy to review Miyuki by Veronica Bane. Miyuki will be available to buy April 2014.

I received a copy of Miyuki from the author in exchange for an honest review.

*Cover and Synopsis from Goodreads

In the town of Jericho, a group of misfit teenagers haunts the underbelly of their society. Armed with the ability to manipulate different parts of nature, these teenagers fight for their right to stay alive. In the months following an attack on their lives, danger still lurks around them. Those behind the original strike have risen from the ashes, and new powers are beginning to reveal themselves. With this mysterious threat imminent, Mara, Miyuki, and the rest of the Unusuals must stand together to fight. However, time is running out for the group, for someone—or something—is hunting them, and this time around, not all of them will survive.

“Picking up where Mara left off, Miyuki is an enthralling tale that brims with the same action-packed storytelling and complex teenage realism that fueled its predecessor. Author Veronica Bane has built Jericho into a supremely engaging world that is at once strangely mysterious and comfortingly familiar, and the pulse-pounding buildup to our unlikely heroes’ final confrontation will leave readers clamoring to know what will happen next.” -Ashley Heaton, Editor.


My 4* Review-

In Miyuki I was launched back into the world of the Unusuals! I rejoined the band of misfit teenagers in Jericho.

Once again the teens are fighting for their right to stay alive and live their lives in peace! We see the return of the baddies behind the original attack in book 1. We meet some new players! Will these new players be good or bad?

So Mara, Miyuki and the rest of the group of Unusuals need to stick together and be prepared to fight once more. Not everyone will be able to fight as there is someone or something hunting them. This  someone or something is determined to kill them all; one by one. 

This is the second book in the series, last year I read Book 1; Mara, (my review can be found here). I was left wondering what was going to happen next, so when I received an email from Veronica asking me if I'd like to review book 2, naturally I replied "yes please"!

Mara is able to control fire and can conjure flames and fireballs in the palm of her hand. Miyuki has control over water, which is more difficult as she needs to have water nearby in order for her to manipulate it.

As much as Miyuki, Mara and friends seem intent on doing nothing except living their own lives, not all unusuals are so good natured! It's because of these 'other' unusuals that once again Miyuki, Mara and company are forced to find a way to fight/escape them and stay alive.

Once again I found myself hooked and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Miyuki. This book is concentrated more on Miyuki so we learn about her, see things from her perspective. There is still lots of interaction with all the other characters too.

Veronica's writing style seems to have progressed and grown in this book, along with her characters. The goings on in both books seem to have helped each of the characters to grow, their personalities appear stronger; Mara's stubbornness is ever present.

It looks as though Veronica is choosing one character to focus on and use as that particular book's title, I'm interested to see what the title will be and who will be the focus foe the 3rd book.

All in all Miyuki is another great book from Veronica, I'm certainly glad that I squeezed this one into my already heaving TBR list.

About The Author-

Veronica grew up in San Diego, California and spent her days writing in local coffee shops and at the beach. Her writing was and has always been fed a healthy diet of chai tea lattes and film scores. She studied Creative Writing at Chapman University and now lives in Los Angeles.

Places To Find Veronica-

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