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Review: Soul's Shadows by Andrea M. Johnson


I received this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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A stranger with a dark past and a predetermined future. In the battle for human souls, can we choose our destiny or will we get lost in the shadows?

Dr. Elizabeth Freeland saw death every day in the emergency room and understood that a lifetime, no matter how long, was only a drop in the bucket in the endlessness of time. Yet her entire life was made up of decisions more numerous than the stars displayed before her. She was in her mid-thirties and knew her life was stalled. But Elizabeth had a secret gift. She knew instinctively that a reckoning was coming. When a catastrophe brought a certain police officer to her ER, her world began to spin out of control. What secrets lay hidden in the dark streets, and what had they to do with the handsome young doctor who had recently caught her attention? Elizabeth would soon discover that these were not ordinary people -- and neither was she.

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My 4* Review-

In Souls Shadows we are in Dr Elizabeth Freeland's world. That world consists of her working in the ER. Elizabeth knows that she has a "gift" of sorts but she doesn't understand just what it is or how it works. What she does know is that she seems to sense if a patient can be saved. The newest addition to the hospital staff is one Dr St. Laurent; who is young, good looking and has the capability to fluster most females just by being near them.

On the night that we meet both of these characters there has been a train crash and both are working in the ER, sorting through the seemingly endless queue of injuries. Once again Elizabeth's gift proves invaluable in saving a female. Dr ST. Laurent is struggling to find the remaining debris inside the patient, but Elizabeth manages to find and remove all of it.

Shortly after Elizabeth heads outside to check on more casualties. When she is faced with 2 men standing over a 3rd who is injured. 1 of the men says that he is a police officer and his brother had been hurt in the crash. Elizabeth isn't convinced but she is certain that these men hold some very dark secrets and she doesn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

After things have settled down Elizabeth and Victor; Dr S. Laurent, are talking in the cafeteria and Elizabeth tells Victor about her gift. On her way home Elizabeth passes an alley way and she hears a strange noise. She heads into the alley to find something attacking Alan; a homeless man Elizabeth passes every day. The creature drops Alan and turns its attentions on Elizabeth until Victor turns up!

Elizabeth is confused. She has some serious questions floating around her head. What was that creature? Where did Victor come from so fast? Who were the 3 men from earlier?

This is Andrea Johnson's first novel and it was very good. Its a definite page turner and the story flows really well. The story flits between the present day in Boston and 16th Century France, this gives the background to how the characters are linked.

As lead characters Victor and Elizabeth are good, they are both strong willed. Neither one seems prepared to take what fate may have in store for them lying down. They are both willing to make sacrifices for each others safety as well as the safety of their friends, and for the greater good. I was definitely pulled into their story as I found myself willing them not to give up and hoping that they would be able to overcome the obstacles and demons in their way.

Andrea Johnson has done very well for her first book. She has managed to keep some suspense as to how things would end whilst giving some details to keep me hooked. The story does flow and evolve well. I didn't feel lost at any point and I've only been left with one question...

... Is there a book 2???

This book contains a mix of paranormal, mystery, romance and a hint of history. Fate and destiny are a huge part of the book along with the time old battle between good and evil. In Souls Shadows we see supernatural warring factions come together to fight against evil. There are even some demons who are fighting for good! I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good demon or vampire book.

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