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Review: River's Edge (audiobook/ebook) by Erin Keyser Horn

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“Does salvation have a number? How many lives must I save before I’m redeemed?” 

Eighteen-year-old Kasia Maier planned to spend her summer studying turtles in the sand prairie, not trudging through fearsome backwaters with her new coworker, Blayne. And when a monster drags Blayne into the Mississippi River, Kasia never expected herself to jump in after him. She saves him, but soon she’s discovering the monstrous in other places . . . including herself. Now she’s wavering on the edge between a dwindling humanity and a dreadful immortality. The river is tempting one moment, terrifying the next. She doesn’t understand who she is or where she belongs. Blayne, the one person with the potential to help her, is also the hardest to resist. If she can’t stop her own transformation into a river spirit, he will be her first victim. And that's just the beginning—even greater threats are lurking in the shadows.

Combining the Illinois setting of Thomson Causeway and the scariest of Slavic mythology, RIVER’S EDGE will make you question everything you know about nature, evil, and redemption.

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My Review-

Disclaimer: I received an audiobook copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed in this review are that of me and only me.

Kasia had always been told by her mother to stay away from water and from men, and she always has. Because of this advice Kasia has a scum scale which she uses to rate the men she does meet. The time has come for Kasia to head off to start her internship working in the Prairie. When she gets there she is informed by her boss Scott that he wants her to work with Blayne on the river. So on her first day in a new job Kasia has managed to blow her mother's two rules!

When Kasia and Blayne begin working in a canoe on the river monitoring turtles, Blayne 'falls' in the river, so Kasia does the only thing she can and jumps in to try and save him. Whilst trying to save Blayne Kasia discovers things both in the river and about herself too. Kasia's swim to save Blayne sparks some very unusual changes in Kasia, changes which she has to try and keep from Blayne and her boss Scott, whilst still doing her job and trying to understand just what is happening to her.

I was originally reviewing the audiobook, but I ended up listening to the audiobook whilst following in the ebook; which I purchased. Only because it was too noisy on the aeroplane and whenever someone interrupted me I would remove my earphones without pausing the book, which meant I kept losing my place.

Erin Keyser Horn threw me head first into a detailed world that allowed me to picture the characters, creatures, monsters and their world easily in my own head. I loved the readers voice and her ability to use different voices throughout the story. The pacing was really good. 

I found River's Edge to be captivating, intriguing, fun and detailed read full of the authors own serious imagination.

River's Edge is a modern twist on Slavic mythology and it focuses on the creatures that live in the river and around its edges. The characters are well thought out and I thought them to be realistically portrayed. 

Kasia's mother left when Kasia turned 18. Up until she begins working for Scott with Blayne she has always followed her mother's advice about staying away from men and water, although she has never fully understood why.

I had recently added River's Edge to my TBR list after a friend on Facebook recommending it to me. So when I was asked if I'd like to review the audiobook I jumped at chance to listen to/read River's Edge, and I'm certainly looking forward to the next book in this series.

About The Author-

Erin Keyser Horn has a zoology degree from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and currently lives in Northwest Illinois with her husband and son. She did everything she could not to become a writer, trying such jobs as pig farmer, lab tech, biological field tech, vet assistant, yoga teacher, librarian, and more. But she couldn't stay away from the writing world. She's the author of three Young Adult paranormals: EYES OF LIGHTNING, RIVER'S EDGE, and WINGS OF THUNDER. On the rare occasion when she's not reading or writing, she likes to explore natural areas with her family, dabble in photography, and practice martial arts.

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