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Review: Netherworld, The Chronicles Of Koa #1 by K.N. Lee

*Cover and Synopsis from Goodreads

What would you do if a demon threatened your mother's life? If you're like Koa, you'd sharpen your enchanted sword and go after him...

The world is a dangerous place. Our world is threatened by the creatures of an alternate land called the Netherworld. Good thing Koa and the Netherworld division are there to keep the vampire population in check. Koa is a powerful half-blood with a mysterious past. Her best friend is her boss, she has a cursed mother, an enchanted sword, and an attractive human pet.

Koa also has a problem. A Netherworld serial killer, with a taste for little girls, threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Koa's boss, Halston can stop him. But he knows one prisoner that can. Too bad that prison is in the Netherworld.

Is Koa ready to journey to the Netherworld to release the one creature that can break her mother's curse and protect all that she holds dear?

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My 3.75* Review-

Disclaimer- I was offered a free copy of Netherworld by the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed within this review are entirely my own.

Koa is a hybrid vampire. She thirsts for blood; as most vampires do. However, Koa can walk in sunlight and she can actually fly. Koa works with with Halston hunting netherworld creatures. After Koa is attacked by Syths in her french home. She is talked into moving to the UK. Koa then decides its time to find out what she can't remember. You see Koa has a gap in her memory. She knows her father was killed by a Netherworld creature. 

Which Netherworld creature is responsible and why? Why is her mother is a cat? Can Koa really trust Halston?

I enjoyed reading Netherworld. 

Koa is an awesome character. She is strong, independent and lethal, she can be somewhat irritating when she acts like a spoilt brat though.
Halston; Koa's boss and friend. His feelings for Koa are stronger than just friendship but he has never told her. Halston has some secrets of his own too.

I like that Koa and Halston hunt Netherworld creatures but they are the creatures that want Koa too. (Why I hear you ask, I guess you'll have to read the book and find out!!!)

I think that for a debut novel K.N. Lee has done a great job. The characters all have depth and room to grow more throughout the series. The world that K.N. Lee has created is pretty cool and has a strong base to build on further.

I was kept on my toes by the pace and the twists and turns that the plot holds. Netherworld held my attention and I didn't feel like I wanted to walk away and leave the book. At times I found myself thinking that I hadn't seen that coming.

I think that this is a promising start to a series and I'm looking forward to reading book #2.

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Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

About The Author-

Amateur artist, travelling enthusiast, and wannabe rock star, K.N. Lee is an American author who resides in North Carolina. She enjoys writing fantasy, horror, and twisted short stories. She also writes poetry and does a great deal of promoting other authors on her websites. When she is not cooking traditional Asian meals for her friends, she travels the world and practices foreign languages.

Her works include, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Dark Prophet, the poetry collections, Wicked Webs and Empty Your Heart, and the paranormal collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood. She lives with her two dogs, Raven and Loki.

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Review: Emerge by S.E. Hall


“You never have to be without me, Laney, never.”

He lied…my everything I ever knew, trusted, wanted…I am, in fact, without him.

On my own and out of my shell, I learn new things about life, friendship and…myself. 

Like what you’ve always known may not be what you’ve always wanted. 

Dane Kendrick awakened things within me that I never knew existed, unraveling and uncovering the real Laney Jo Walker. 

I’m a NEW adult…so is my story.

My 4* Review-

Laney and Evan have been friends since childhood but only after Laney making Evan work to gain her friendship. They have always spent time together. In high school Evan plucks up the courage to ask Laney out. But not everything goes according to plan. Laney doesn't get into the same college as Evan, and they decide that before they go to college they should return to being friends so neither one will do anything to hurt the other. But once again not all goes to plan, and something or someone is hell bent on getting in the way!

The start of this book is so full of anguish for Laney and Evan as they are faced with their impending separation. Then at they're separate colleges both are feeling a little miserable. But life goes on. Bennett; Laney's new roommate; convinces Laney to go to a college event designed to help students get to know each other. As much as Laney didn't want to take part she won't see Bennett go alone.

The last dorm they enter is where they meet Tate, Sawyer and Dane. Bennett and Tate seem to hit it off quite well, and Dane takes an interest in Laney. Dane is described as pretty much the perfect specimin of a male. (I wouldn't have minded meeting him). For me Dane is a swoon worthy character and Laney's description of Dane is kinda spot on:

QUOTE- If big brother is hot, then little brother is illegal, immortal, and too damn pretty not to be a girl. This guy seriously belongs on the cover or "World's Sexiest Reasons to Drop Your Panties". {page 63 - kindle} I think this just about sums up Dane!

Laney is instantly attracted to Dane, but she still has a concionous about Evan. She feels guilty that she is feeling this way about someone else. Laney is confused as the attraction to Dane seems to be more primal, she has thoughts about him that she's never had before and I think it scares her somewhat.

Throughout the story we see Laney's internal battle over her feelings for Evan and Dane, but the battle does take its toll on her, she is emotionally drained.

S.E. Hall has done a fantastic job of drawing me into the world of Laney, Evan, Dane and everyone else. I felt as though I was there with Laney. I could feel her feelings, I could sense her thoughts. All of the characters are well thought out and very likeable; to a point. S.E. Hall's writing style is fluid and easy yo read, very realistic too.

The love triangle the Laney is caught in is a position thta I wouldn't want to be in, I could feel her turmoil and my heart was breaking for her. It's not just Laney that I felt for either, it was very easy to feel for both Evan and Dane too.

Emerge has left me wanting more. I will defintely be continuing with the Evolve series to find out what happens next for Laney, Evan and Dane.

About The Author-

S.E.Hall is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Evolve Series, Emerge, Embrace, Entangled(novella)and Entice as well as the best selling stand-alone NA Romance, Pretty Instinct. She also co-wrote Stirred Up, an erotic short-story with her CP and friend, Author Angela Graham and is honored to be a part of the USA Today and NYT Best Selling Devour box set. S.E., which stands for Stephanie Elaine, resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 3 beautiful daughters of the home, and one married daughter who graced her with two beautiful grandchildren. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading and writing and the occasional trip to the casino. She's also clutch at Baggo, when it's warm outside, and definitely the woman to pick on your side for some Flip Cup!

Watch my facebook page for contests and updates.

You can also find updates on my blog

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Review: Breaking Kate by D. Kelly


Michael Matthews has been in love with Katherine Moore since the second grade. In Michaels mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart. The night Michael is set to propose to Katherine the evening is interrupted by an unexpected tragedy that tears the two of them apart for good. 

Three years have passed since that fateful night when Katherine, now known as Kate meets Daniel. After an awkward start sparks fly between them. Daniel and Kate fall hard and fast into the most passionate and intense love affair of their lives. In three years a lot can change, Michael knows he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Katherine and he will do anything to get her back. Asking his best friend Daniel for help is his first step in righting the wrongs he made so many years ago. Unfortunately, neither of them realizes that Michaels long lost love Katherine is Daniel’s true love Kate.

While attending the engagement party of a mutual friend, all of their paths collide. How is Kate supposed to choose between the two men that mean the most to her in the world? Kate has to push past her heartache and put some serious thought into what comes next. One wrong choice and not only could she lose them both but Daniel and Michael may never recover their friendship.

My 5* Review-

Disclaimer: I was given a ecopy of Breaking Kate in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Breaking Kate introduces us to Michael and Katherine. They are young and in love. talking about their future. When out of the blue tragedy strikes. Michael and his family suffer a tragic event and it causes Michael to make a very rash decision that he later regrets. Michael's actions make me want to climb into the book and kick his arse, he's such a dick! Michael takes his anger and hurt out on Katherine, and he ends it with her; the way he does it is soo nasty and spiteful.

Then we jump forward 3 years and Katherine; Kate, is at college; almost finished; and she is still hurting over Michael. Jess is Kate's best friend, she's been there for Kate the whole time helping her to survive. Jess like Connor; who is a friend of both girls, and Connor likes Jess. Jess and Connor manage to talk Kate into going to a party where they want to try and set her up with Daniel; Connor's friend.

Kate and Daniel have an instant spark of attraction and something more. Daniel is loving, caring, patient and extremely understanding. Kate and Daniel's relationship go from strength to strength and their love grows stronger. But we all know something has to happen, right?

I guess you'll just have to read it find out!!

When Mike turns up and everyone realizes that Mike is Michael, my heart breaks a little for Daniel. When Kate leaves and goes home leaving Daniel and everyone else behind my heart breaks some more for Daniel. I could feel his turmoil and I got the impression he was scared. I think that Kate needs to get closure on what happened with her and Michael, the only way she can do that is to speak to Michael.

For a debut book I think Dee has done an amazing job. Breaking Kate is written from multiple POV's, and it works well, there is no confusion over who's POV I was reading and I got a feel for each character and their thoughts and feelings and it made the book more realistic for me. Dee's writing style is so easy to read and its fluent.

Dee had me hooked from the start, I was hanging on each and every word. Even now I've read the book I'm still hanging, why? because of the ending, it's a cliffhanger and I'm itching for book #2. The ending had me practically shouting at my kindle, It's so unfair. My only piece of comfort is that because it took me so long to get to reading Breaking Kate I won't have to wait so long for book #2.

Dee has done a fantastic job of ensuring that her writing exudes the feelings of the characters so that as  a reader I felt as though I was experiencing them too. I don't know about anyone else but I loved this book, and I'm looking forward to book #2.

I just hope that Kate doesn't give up what she has with Daniel. Mike had his chance and blew it by being a complete dick!!!


Contact D. Kelly-

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Review: Chasing Love's Wings by Zoey Derrick

Title- Chasing Love’s Wings
Author- Zoey Derrick
Series- Love’s Wings (#2)
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Publisher- Self Published 
Release Date- May 27 2014
Formats- EBook & Print 


Everything in Cameron Enders' life feels like a dream since she took a trip to a remote island where she met Tristan Michaels, Hollywood's hottest man. Tristan never imagined that his get-away vacation would change his life and his heart. 

But everything isn’t perfect in paradise once Cameron and Tristan return to Phoenix. When Cami discovers a dark secret, her dream becomes a living nightmare. She slips back into old habits, turning to alcohol to hide her pain. As the woman he loves becomes more a stranger by the day, Tristan’s world is rocked again. He’s a helpless witness to Cami’s self-destructive cycle - until she pushes too far, testing the limits of his love. Their love is far from perfect, but he will stop at nothing, chasing it all until she has everything she deserves. 

Cami’s withdrawal could strengthen or destroy everything she hopes to have with Tristan. Can Cami trust him enough to give him everything or will she cling to her secrets and their pain, tearing them apart forever?

Book Links-

My 4* Review-

Disclaimer: I received a free copy as part of the tour from RBTL in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

So as we know from book #1; Cami and Tristan has both planned to escape reality with a trip to a remote island and neither one expected that trip to be quite so life changing!

Its just a shame that their normal lives aren't quite so paradise like! :( 

Whilst Tristan is away on business Cami receives a parcel that blowsher world apart. She turns to alcohol to help hide her pain and hurt. Tristan returns to find Cami very drunk and still wearing the same clothes she had on when he left. Then he finds out why. But Tristan is helpless to stop Cami from self-destructing.

Tristan tries to help Cami as much as possible but she is hell bent on continuing with her self-destructive behaviour. Cami pushes Tristan further and further away, really testing the limit of his love for her. But will Cami push too much? Or will she learn to trust Tristan and let him in?

This is a continuation of Finding Loves Wings, and has more drama. After reading what Zoey Derrick has but Cami through I honestly do not know how a real person would cope or deal with it. Which makes it all the more believable and easy to accept Cami's reaction to the events she faces! (Sorry for being so cryptic, but I don't want to give too much away!) 

I'm glad that Tristan is prepared to fight for Cami's love and trust, he tries incredibly hard to be there for Cami, to help her deal with everything her life throws at her, to prove that he won't run away and that she can trust him. There was one part in particular where my heart felt like it was in a vice about to be crushed. Finding Love's Wings caused me to feel sad but happy at the same time. 

This is so hard to write without including spoilers! To avoid spoilers I'm moving away from the storyline...

Zoey Derrick has managed to make her characters continue to evolve and grow. They have become stronger and more defined by every experience be it good or bad. Zoey Derrick's writing style is once again easy to follow and easy to imagine myself a part of.

I did find that the copy I received had a few spelling and grammar mistakes but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of reading this fantastic novel. I'm so glad to have a part of this tour and to have been introduced to Zoey Derrick's work. I look forward to my next encounter with a book written by Zoey Derrick; which ever one that may be!

About The Author-

Amazon Best Selling Angels, Demons & Devils and Paranormal Author of Give Me Reason - The Reason Series Book One comes from Glendale, Arizona. Zoey, was a mortgage underwriter by day and is now a paranormal, romance and erotica novelist full-time. She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.
Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true. Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.
The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again, again and again.

Author Links-

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Review Requests

This is a post I was hoping to avoid writing but the time has come.

It is with deep regret that I am unable to accept anymore review requests at this time.


This is only temporary as I am swamped with requests and books at the minute. I will constantly be monitoring the situation and I HOPE to be back taking requests in just a couple of months. Ķeep checking back for an update.
It's not all bad news though...

I may be unable to review for you but I am still able to help with other post types such as spotlights, excerpts, even guest posts of you have something in mind. If any of these post types suit your requirements please feel free to shoot me an email or message!

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Soundtrack: Wilde Riders (Old Town Country Romance Series) by Savannah Young

Wilde Riders
Old Town Country Romance Series Book #1
By- Savannah Young
Genre- Contemporary Romance


WILDE RIDERS is the first novel in a spicy new contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. WILDE RIDERS can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.

Cooper Wilde spent his entire adolescence counting the days until he could escape rural northwest New Jersey. Now at 26, he can't believe he's coming back. But his late father's bar, Haymakers, is in financial trouble and his older brother, Jake, has asked for Cooper's help.

Riley Smith, 25, is fresh out of her Ivy League MBA program and wants to make an impression on her employer, H & C Bank. Her first solo assignment is a fraud investigation on a business loan they made to Haymakers.

Even though Old Town is less than 90 minutes from New York City, Riley feels like she's stepped into another world in this remote, one-bar town. Riley can't wait to do her business and get back to the city as quickly as her sports car will take her...until she meets Cooper Wilde. He's not like the other guys in this rural town and Riley feels inexplicably attracted to him.

If you like your trucks loud, your beer cold and your men'll love WILDE RIDERS.


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Review: Raising Chaos by Elizabeth Corrigan


The daily life of a chaos demon is delightfully sinful—overindulging in Sri Lankan delicacies, trespassing on private beaches in Hawaii, and getting soused at the best angel bar on the planet. But when Bedlam learns that the archdemon Azrael has escaped from the Abyss in order to wreak vengeance against the person who sent her there—Bedlam’s best friend, Khet—he can’t sit idly by.

Only one relic possesses the power to kill Khet, who suffers immortality at Lucifer’s request: the mythical Spear of Destiny, which pierced Christ’s side at His crucifixion. Neither angel nor demon has seen the Spear in two thousand years, but Azrael claims to know its location. Bedlam has no choice but to interpret woefully outdated clues and race her to its ancient resting place.

His quest is made nearly impossible by the interference of a persnickety archivist, Keziel—his angelic ex—and a dedicated cult intent on keeping the Spear out of the wrong hands. But to Bedlam, “wrong” is just an arbitrary word, and there’s no way he’s letting Khet die without a fight.

Book Links-

Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Red Adept Publishing

My Review-

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Bedlam is a chaos demon. He is also best friends with Khet; an immortal oracle. Bedlam has learnt that an arch demon has escaped the Abyss and is hell bent on vengeance against Khet. Why Khet? Because Khet was the one who sent her there. But Bedlam won't sit by and watch it happen.

The arch demon; Azrael, claims to know where "the mythical Spear of Destiny" currently is. The Spear of Destiny is the only relic that possess the power to kill Khet. Bedlam has no choice but to work out the clues and try to beat Azrael to the Spear.

However someone else is trying to stop the Spear from ending up in the wrong hands. But Bedlam won't give up without a fight. Can Bedlam save Khet?

I loved how this book gives more information about Bedlam. Its not all him though, there are other characters too. This book also shows some of the time that Lucifer spent leading the rebellion. These back stories are once again told in the style of flashbacks.

I have enjoyed reading Raising Chaos, I thought I was very well thought out and well written. The use of multiple POV's worked well too and didn't cause confusion. Elizabeth has done a fantastic job of creating a world that sucks you in and leaves you there right alongside the characters. The characters have all grown and are showing who they are more and more.

The darkness in the book is broken up by splashes of humor which keeps the story balanced. The ending caught me off guard and wasn't what I was expecting; which was in no way a bad thing! I'm intrigued to see just what Elizabeth has in store for these lovable characters next.

I really enjoyed this book and give Raising Chaos a 4* rating.

About The Author-

Elizabeth Corrigan has degrees in English and psychology and has spent several years working as a data analyst in various branches of the healthcare industry. When she’s not hard at work on her next novel, Elizabeth enjoys singing, reading teen vampire novels, and making Sims of her characters. She drinks more Diet Coke than is probably optimal for the human body and is pathologically afraid of bees. She lives in Maryland with two cats and a purple Smart Car.

Author Links-

Website | Goodreads | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter

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Shades of Chaos (Dystopian YA Boxed set) RELEASE PARTY AND GIVEAWAY!


WELCOME to the Release Day Party and Giveaway for Shades of Chaos (Dystopian YA boxed set)!


Dare yourself to enter into post-apocalyptic future with this gritty collection of first-in-a-series books by six bestselling authors! Discover unique worlds packed with non-stop action, adventure, and suspense set against a gritty, futuristic backdrop. Together, these books have over 320 5-star reviews on Amazon! Over 1400 pages of stories, with *exclusive* content from Alexia Purdy, Katie Salidas, and Chrystalla Thoma! 

~Best for ages 16 and up~



I Am Alive – Cameron Jace Dissension – Katie Salidas Initiation (NEW! Prequel to Dissension) – Katie Salidas Finding Hope (NEW! Prequel to Rex Rising) – Chrystalla Thoma Rex Rising – Chrystalla Thoma Resonant (NEW! Prequel to Reign of Blood) – Alexia Purdy Reign of Blood – Alexia Purdy Released – Megan Duncan Burning Bridges – Nadège K. Richards


I AM Alive (Cameron Jace): I am not my heart rate. I am not my skills. I am not how I look like. My name is Decca Tenderstone. I live in a future America where teenagers are ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 on graduation day. There has never been a 10. Those below the rank of 5 are considered Monsters, a liability to society. The system says I am a Monster. I will not let them kill me. I will survive. 

Initiation (Katie Salidas): Being a Vampire is a crime punishable by eternal servitude in the arena as a Gladiator of the Iron Gate. Mira, a newly turned vampire, must prove she has what it takes to survive in the human’s world. It’s kill or be killed. Immortality is not guaranteed. 

Dissension (Katie Salidas): In the aftermath of the great cataclysm, vampires are enslaved by humans and used for blood sport as gladiators in the arena. Mira is undefeated, uncompromising, and unbreakable, but when an escape attempt leads her into the path of the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever. 

Finding Hope (Chrystalla Thoma): After the death of the one person he called mother, Elei leaves the Trashlands of Ost for the city – looking for other people and for answers. But he soon finds out that people are complicated and answers hard to come by… 

Rex Rising (Chrystalla Thoma): In a world where parasites create new human races, Elei leads a peaceful life as aircar driver — until a mysterious attack on his boss sends him fleeing with a bullet in his side and the fleet at his heels.

Resonant (Alexia Purdy): As the first days of the end of humanity tumble across the City of Las Vegas, turning everyone into vampire-like creatures, April Tate will find out what it really means to survive. 

Reign of Blood (Alexia Purdy): April Tate is a seventeen-year-old ferocious vampire killer who lives in the remains of Las Vegas one year after a viral epidemic has left the world decimated. After her family is abducted, her world tilts when she discovers they’re not truly alone. 

Released (Megan Duncan): After a demon apocalypse kills everyone they know, 17-year old Abby Phillips, her brother and her friend Max flee their home to travel through the wastelands of America, chasing a radio transmission of a resistance offering shelter. But soon enough Abby and her companions discover what awaits them is much worse they could have ever imagined.

Burning Bridges (Nadège K. Richards): In a world divided between Hunters and Warriors, where prisoners are forced to fight in the arena until death, young Princess Echo must fight to find out who she really is and to put a world that has been swallowed by lies back together again.


We’re celebrating the release with an awesome giveaway, giving away great dystopian YA ebooks and gift cards.
To make things even better, the book is on sale at $0.99 for a limited time! Go get your copy today. :)



Purchase Links-

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DON’T FORGET to enter the Rafflecopter and win amazon gift cards and ebooks from the participating authors!

Follow the authors

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Megan Duncan- Facebook | Amazon
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Cover Reveal: Vampire Down (Blood Skies Book 7) by Steven Montano

Today sees author Steven Montano reveal the cover for his final installment in the Blood Skies series, Vampire Down. And I'm pleased to be a part of the select few who get to reveal this AWESOME cover to the rest of the world!! 

Releases June 27, 2014

Who ever knew the end would come so soon?

In this final volume of the BLOOD SKIES series, Eric Cross and Danica Black find themselves facing impossible odds in the desolate ruins of the world they once knew.  Hunted by the mercenary forces of the newly formed East Claw Coalition and desperate to find the elusive White Mother, the two refugees will be pushed to the limits of their abilities and sanity as they struggle to survive.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the undead hunter called Reaver searches for the lost city of Bloodhollow, the place where humankind will make its final stand, while the undead of New Koth and the rebellious White Children make their push to end the reign of the Ebon Kingdoms once and for all.

As timelines collide and the spider weaves her web, the battle for the fate of the riven world will come to its violent conclusion in the depths of a forgotten city, where unlikely heroes will emerge and hidden evils will finally be revealed...

Available Friday June 27th in Ebook and Print format.

About the Author-

Steven Montano was something terrifying in his previous life.  Now he’s an accountant, so not much has changed.

An avid hiker, reader, San Antonio Spurs fan, goofball husband and father of two, Steven writes novels (the seven volume Blood Skies series, the Skullborn Trilogy, something black…, and the upcoming thrillers Blood Angel Rising and Colder) and drinks a lot of wine when he isn’t busy pulling his hair out over payroll or trying to balance the company books. 

Thanks for stopping by, make sure you check out this series. Book 1, Blood Skies is currently FREE on Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Start your journey now.

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Review: Finding Love's Wings by Zoey Derrick

Title: Finding Love’s Wings
Author: Zoey Derrick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 15 2013
Word Count: 102,000
Approximate Pages: 262
Formats: EBook & Print
CAMERON ENDERS seems to have it all: a brand new condo in a city she loves, a top executive position at an international entertainment firm, an insane amount of money, and a gorgeous boyfriend. But when Cami catches the boyfriend in the act with another woman, it triggers all the anguish from years of neglect by her parents, and she realizes she never learned how to love or be loved. Cami flees to the remote tropical island of Tarah, but she can't avoid facing her problems any longer when she meets the man of her fantasies...

TRISTAN MICHAELS, one of Hollywood's hottest new stars, has come to Tarah to ride out a storm. His girlfriend of five years has been caught on camera cheating, and she's determined to make Tristan stop the story from breaking. But Tristan's done cleaning up her messes. He needs to escape all things Hollywood for a while--and especially the firm that represents him--until the whole thing blows over. What he doesn't count on is meeting an irresistibly beautiful woman, a woman who just so happens to be the CEO of the firm he's trying to avoid.

Can Tristan and Cami help each other learn to trust and love again, or will their histories of betrayal tear them apart? 

Book Links

My 4* Review

My plan is to read Finding Love's Wings (FLW) and Chasing Love's Wings (CLW) back to back. I'll be doing my usual and writing my review of FLW just before I start reading CLW.

Cameron Enders; Cami has everything she could want. A new condo, executive job, a ridiculous amount of money and a hot boyfriend. But all is not as it would seem though. As Cami arrives at her boyfriend's place she catches him in bed with another woman. So Cami turns around and walks away, she decides now is a good time to take time and process what has happened and what she wants to do. She flies off to a nice remote tropical island; Tarah.

Hollywood heart throb Tristan Michaels is also currently hiding in Tarah too. He's here to escape all the crap of his now ex-girlfriend's sexcapades as they become public. Tristan decided that he was going to take Tyson; his bodyguard; and disappear without telling anyone else.

Cami never expected to run into the man of her dreams; literally. And Tristan never expected to run into the CEO of the firm that represents him. Can Cami and Tristan help each other to trust and learn to love again?

FLW has so much to offer! Who wouldn't want to be on a remote tropical island? Zoey Derrick has set a picture perfect scene! The book has a plot that is good and easy to follow, and there is a romantic theme with a hint of raunchiness to it! The sex scenes are very well written and are tasteful yet steamy!

Her characters are lovable, hot and realistic. All of the characters whether they are the main characters or the secondary characters are well thought out and well written. I loved Tristan, Zoey has certainly portrayed him in quite a sexy way and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on him. I loved the fact that Cami is a strong female character, after being cheated on she retreats to evaluate her life. There is a serious amount of chemistry/sexual tension between Cami and Tristan, so much so that I could feel it coming out of my kindle!

This is the first book by Zoey Derrick that I have read and I will definitely be going back for more! I got used to her writing style very quickly and easily. I found it easy to picture everything that I was reading in my own mind; which always makes a book more enjoyable to me.

I'm glad that I have book #2 to continue with, as I want to know how things progress for Cami and Tristan. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Love's Wings!

Author Information

Amazon Best Selling Angels, Demons & Devils and Paranormal Author of Give Me Reason - The Reason Series Book One comes from Glendale, Arizona. Zoey, was a mortgage underwriter by day and is now a paranormal, romance and erotica novelist full-time. She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.
Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true. Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.
The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again, again and again.

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