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Blogiversary Event Day 1: Mr Steven Luna

Today's Blogiversary Post is The Awesome Mr Steven Luna. Steven Luna was the first author that I reviewed for. So in some way I have him to thank for taking a chance on someone who had never done this before and for helping me into this awesome community! Over The last 12 months I have read all of Steven's books and I am an active part of his street team!

So after Steven gave me a shot at being a book reviewer it seemed only fitting that I asked him to be a spotlighted author in my Blogiversary event, but not just to feature but to be my first featured author! So without further ado I give you Mr Steven Luna's Guest Post, keep reading for links to all his books and an awesome giveaway!

Mr Luna the stage is yours Sir! :)

Guest Post By Steven Luna-

As an author, I tend to live by the notion that my stories don’t exist until someone else reads them. It’s absolutely true from my perspective; I can concoct all the ridiculous characters I can think of and devise all the wild plot twists I want, but even if they make it out of my head and onto a page somewhere, they’re still only potentialities, nothing but possibilities that haven’t come into existence yet. The stories I create are a multiverse that require interaction in order to truly become. 
It’s sort of the quantum physics of the creative world. 
The work it takes to write a story or a novella or a full-fledged novel is truly solitary labor. Not sure how it happens for anyone else, but when I write, I live in my head just about the entire time. I don’t interview real people to get useful information; I don’t immerse myself in the environment of my tale so I can live it as I go. I just imagine it. Sometimes, I move my hands in front of me to shape unseen objects, like a conductor stirring the air to control his orchestra. That sounds a tad pretentious, but it’s true. The story happens within me, and then the story appears outside of me. 
But the story isn’t real until it reaches someone who hasn’t been inside of my head. 
By virtue of this fact, I can write all I want, but I’m not an author until someone has experienced my work. It’s a necessary element of the exchange, a circuitry that can’t be discounted. I don’t write my stories so I can read them myself…I could just close my eyes and experience them from that side of the process if this were the case (although I’d probably fall asleep, but that would be fine, too). I write my stories because I want to share them.  
It underlies the spirit of every storyteller.  
That’s why we don’t call them storykeepers.  
But I never presume that anyone will actually choose to read my story, no matter how much time and effort I put into it. And it has nothing to do with self-doubt, really. It has everything to do with understanding what I’m asking of someone else by expecting them to read what I’ve written. I’m an illustrator, too…I can ask you to take a look at something I’ve painted, and in about six seconds you’ll have consumed the entire thing. You may like it, or love it, or hate it, even. Regardless of the outcome, you will not have spent a noticeable fraction of your life actually experiencing it. But if I ask you to read my story, it’s going to take time. 
And time is a currency that can’t be replaced once used. 
If all of this sounds like philosophical dribbledy-drab, that’s because it IS philosophical dribbledy-drab. It’s also the reason I value my audience so much. Being an indie author makes it even more crucial to make a connection with the people who read my work. I don’t have big-budget advertising or high-traffic promotions to draw eyeshare to my work. I’ve built my audience one reader at a time. 
Thanks to the internet—which allows me to even have a career as an author at all (thank you very much, Al Gore, or whoever really created this thing…it’s the best!)—that sort of connection is possible on a daily basis. I’ve met the most incredible people since I began publishing my work, but the ones that stand out most are the ones who recognize the value of this one-by-one connection from the author’s point of view, and who find value in taking even more of their time to help spread the word about authors (and musicians and artists in general) whose work they appreciate. Sometimes they tweet for you, without even having a reason other than to help the world find out about you. Sometimes the drop your name in Facebook readers groups when asked what authors they’re reading, or which books they’ve loved on lately.  
Sometimes they start a whole blog devoted to authors and the stories they tell, just to assist in the process of getting your story to exist.  
And sometimes, they do all of it simultaneously. 
It’s kind of overwhelming when people believe in what you do as much as you do, and help take your story from a potentiality to a full-fledged reality. And we indie authors are blessed beyond measure to have people like this to assist us, and are immeasurably lucky to be able to interact with them directly. 
Happy blogiversary, Lou…my deepest appreciation for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do to bring my stories—and everyone else’s—to the readers who might love them. You’re helping make our dreams come true, and that is no small thing. 
Thank you so much!
Where You Can Find Steven's Books-

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Songs From The Phenomenal Nothing-

Present Tense: A Christmas Tale-

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About Steven and Places to Find Him-

Steven Luna was relatively quiet when he was born, but that all changed once he learned to speak. Now? Good luck getting him to shut up. He's not known for giving straight answers, but no one listens much to him anyway, so it all evens out. He's hard at work on his next big novel...but really, aren't we all?

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Giveaway Time-

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