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Review: Catching Kate (Acceptance Series #1.5) by D. Kelly

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Title: Catching Kate (Acceptance, #1.5)
Author: D. Kelly
Release Date: July 7, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

After almost four years, Michael Matthews has come face to face with the love of his life. To say it didn’t go quite as he envisioned is an understatement. Never in a million years would he have imagined that his best friend, Daniel, is the new man in Kate’s life.
Once their explosive evening concludes and everyone goes their separate ways, Mike takes the time to calm down and plan his next move. If there’s one thing that calms him it’s Kate, even if it’s just memories of her. Mike has four hours before he sees her again and gets to plead his case. Instead of sleeping, he spends his evening remembering every detail of their relationship from the beginning.

Experience Mike and Kate’s love story from the start, all from Mike’s point of view. Find out why he left Kate in pieces and learn just how far he’ll go to make her fall in love with him all over again. 

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My 5* Review-

After reading book #1 Breaking Kate (which I loved) I was team Daniel! And after reading Catching Kate; which is all from Mike's POV I'm now Team...
Yup, you guessed it, I'm Team Daniel still!!!

Don't get me wrong I feel for Mike, I really do. But for me he was too much of a jerk at the start. Anyway I digress... Catching Kate my review...

As I've said this is written in Mike's POV, and it covers everything; from when Mike and Katherine first got together, when Mike's dad died and they split up, the years they spent a part, and after they bump back into each other.

When Mike's dad died he chose to listen to his mother accusations and react based on her side of what happened, he didn't give Katherine a chance to explain, as a result he behaved like a jerk and walked away from everyone who loved and cared about him. Breaking not just his and Katherine's hearts.

After this Mike spends 4 years trying various ways to forget what happened and trying to forget about Katherine. Those ways include various women, various forms of alcohol. Mike then manages to find a group of friends who tried to help him, took him in and formed some strong friendships.

The question is that now he's seen Katherine can those friendships remain? Who will lose? 

This book has some seriously heart wrenching scenes. I may be Team Daniel but I'm not heartless, I feel for Mike I really do. He's been through some serious shit. But to treat Kate the way he did then think he can just waltz back into her life and expect her to run to him! It was great hearing Mike's side of the story and I really have enjoyed his POV. 

Dee has a great writing style, it flows really easily. I found it easy to feel a part of the story and I could feel the emotion that Mike was feeling. It is obvious that Mike was completely in love with Kate, and he still is. After reading Catching Kate I feel as though I understand Mike more now and that Dee has tried to put Mike and Daniel on a more even level for book #2.

This series has been an emotional roller coaster ride and I have no doubts that with book #2 this will be any different. I can't wait to find out what happens with the issue that arose at the end of Breaking Kate.

Seriously though if you haven't read this series then I strongly advise reading Breaking Kate before reading Catching Kate!! I love this series and cannot wait for book #2!!

Breaking Kate (Acceptance, #1)


About the Author-

971424_175398059334519_2088494398_nI'm a wife, a mom and a dog lover. I'm also a taxi, problem fixer, extreme multi-tasker and my kids’ biggest fan in anything that they do. I love to write, so when my career suddenly derailed I turned back to my love of writing. I married my high school sweetheart... how cool is that? Margaritas and sarcasm make me happy. Chocolate makes that happiness grow exponentially. People who make me laugh are my favorite kind of people. I believe Karma is a bitch who slaps back hard and that mean people suck. I'm California born and raised, I love the beach but hate the sand. The Acceptance Series is my first series of books with more to come soon.

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