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Review: Lucifer by Annabell Cadiz

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Have you ever wondered what could be hiding in the shadows?

Well, for eighteen-year-old Zahara Faraday, she doesn’t have to wonder. You see she comes from a lineage of Light Witches, those who have chosen to help protect and serve between the supernatural world and the human world. The only problem is Zahara, like her father Solomon, is as human as a human being can be whereas her mother, Mia, and her Aunt Catalina, were born as Light Witches. As a family they hunt down rogue supernaturals—creatures who harm humans or who have committed an act against their kingdom. 

Zahara’s hunting skills are usually kept dormant since her parents would prefer she live life as a normal human girl without knowledge of the supernatural world. She plans on doing just that—except when she finds a couple being attacked by fairies, she has no choice but to step in. Before she can return to pretending to be blissfully ignorant, Zahara encounters a problem she isn’t the least equip to handle: Bryan Hamilton, the good looking new co-worker she has to help train. In a heartbeat, her best friend, Becca King, has set her up on a double date with herself and her new crush, Rekesh Saint-Louis, who happens to be the most powerful leader of the biggest Imago Coven in South Florida –supernatural creatures with the ability to control water . . . and suck out human souls. 

Zahara has no time to focus on how she’s going to explain her double date with her best friend and the enemy they have a tentative truce with to her parents because soon one of the members of Mia and Catalina’s coven is found murdered with a strange tattoo of a snake with wings carved into his arm.

Zahara is then thrown into a whirlwind battle with an angel determined to have revenge against God, an Imago coven she doesn’t think they should trust, and slew of dream-eating fairies and powerful Nephilims, hybrid children of angels and humans, more than happy to rip her to shreds.

Normal just got a deadlier definition.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Lucifer in exchange for nothig more than an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Zahara is your average 18 year old girl. She goes to school, has a best friend and lives with her family. The only difference is that her mother and aunt are light witches, and as a family they hunt rogue supernaturals.

Zahara's parents have tried to keep Zahara away from hunting as much as possible. But when Zahara sees a human couple being attacked by fairies, and decides that she can't stand back and do nothing.

At work Zahara is given the task of training the new boy Bryan. Zahara's best friend Becca decides they should go on a double date; Zahara and Bryan with Becca and Rakesh. Becca has a crush on Rakesh. Rakesh is the leader of the biggest Imago coven in South Florida.

Zahara is unsure of how to break the news of this double date to her parents, as she knows that they will freak over Rakesh. But Zahara isn't given the opportunity to tell them as a member of her mother and aunt's coven is found murdered and a strange tattoo carved into his arm.

Zahara is launched into a battle against an angel who wants revenge against God. Can Zahara and her family defeat the angel?

Let me start by saying that this is the first book by Annabell Cadiz that I have read, and I enjoyed every single page.

The book held my attention and captured my imagination completely. I felt as though I was there alongside Zahara, Becca, Bryan and Rakesh. I liked Zahara and Becca. Although Becca occasionally came across a little too enthusiastic and it made me feel like slapping her every now and then to calm her down.

Zahara has been written realisticly as she isn't perfect. She sometimes makes implusive decisions; just as we all have; without considering the consequences. She is a strong character with a sense of loyalty to those she loves and cares about.

Bryan is an angel sent to help beat Lucifer. Bryan is also well thought out and his personality seems to grow and develope as the book progresses. He's intent on keeping Zahara safe and shows up with some immpeccable timing to get her out of some sticky situations.

Rakesh is the all powerful Imago! Imago's are supernaturals that can control water and suck out a human's soul. He's also a hot bad/good guy, I use bad/good because I'm not too sure if he is a bad guy or a good guy yet.

Annabell has written a very fluent and easy to follow start to this trilogy. The plot moves at a good pace, and is packed with action. Annabell has created a world that is very easy to become immersed in and feel a part of there were times when I just wanted to jump in and help. The end was something that I didn't see coming, and it has left me wanting more.

Lucifer was a really great way to start this trilogy and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on book #2.

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About The Author-

Born and raised in the sweltering suburbs of South Florida, Annabell Cadiz grew up fine-tuned to the cuisine of various Spanish cultures, learned to master the art of Puerto Rican cooking thanks to her parents, and learned to converse crazy thanks to her band of siblings. She is now working toward attaining a B.A. in Psychology at Trinity International University to better understand how to converse with the weirdoes and crazies of the world. (After all, she is one of them.) A self-proclaimed nerd and a book-a-holic (her room holds dozens of shelves with much evidence to prove that her claims are indeed true), she created TeamNerd Reviews along with her best friend, Bridget Strahin, to showcase their EXTREME love for all things book related.

She published her debut novel, Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy #1), in January 2013. The second novel, Michael (Sons of Old Trilogy #2) will be released on May 28, 2014. And the final installment in the Sons of Old Trilogy, Nephilim, will be out in Spring 2015.

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