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Review: Thirty Scary Tales by Rayne Hall


Thirty creepy, atmospheric horror stories by Rayne Hall.

These stories are 'quiet' horror, not overly violent and gory, although there are some graphic moments. 

Please note: these stories have been previously published in magazines, e-zines and anthologies as well as in the Six Scary Tales collections.

British English

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My 3.5* Review-

Disclaimer- I was given a copy of Thirty Scary Tales by Rayne Hall in exchange for nothing other than an honest review. All opinions and thought expressed in this review are entirely my own.

I really enjoyed reading Thirty Scary Tales by Rayne Hall, but I can't help feeling a little bit let down, maybe my expectations were too high I'm not sure, but I definitely didn't find this book scary. Creepy at times yes, but scary not for me. Maybe I've read too much horror and have become desensitised to it? 
Either way this is still a really good book, that I have enjoyed reading.

Each story has its own variation on a dark theme that are creepy enough to provoke thoughts that can make you glance around the room or over your shoulder.

Rayne Hall has the knack of drawing the reader into the story. Her writing style is really good, the stories all have a good flow and pace to them. Each contained enough information to allow me to create images in my own head. The stories are clear and well thought out.

Overall I enjoyed reading these tales and I think that there will be something in here for everyone. As Rayne says at the start of the book:
"Fear is personal. The same story may constrict one person's chest and set their heart racing, yet send only a mild tingle down another reader's spine." (loc 55 kindle)
This book is a good read and I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

About Rayne Hall-

Rayne Hall writes fantasy and horror fiction, some of it quirky, most of it dark. She is the author of over sixty books in different genres and under different pen names, published by twelve publishers in six countries, translated into several languages. Her short stories have been published in magazines, e-zines and anthologies.

After living in Germany, China, Mongolia and Nepal, she has settled in a small Victorian seaside town in southern England. Rayne holds a college degree in publishing management and a masters degree in creative writing. Over three decades, she has worked in the publishing industry as a trainee, investigative journalist, feature writer, magazine editor, production editor, page designer, concept editor for non-fiction book series, anthology editor, editorial consultant and more. Outside publishing, she worked as a museum guide, apple
picker, tarot reader, adult education teacher, trade fair hostess, translator and belly dancer.

Currently, Rayne Hall writes fantasy and horror fiction and tries to regain the rights to her out-of-print books so she can republish them as e-books.

Her books on the writing craft (Writing Fight Scenes, Writing Scary Scenes, The Word-Loss Diet, Writing Dark Stories, Writing About Villains, Writing Short Stories to Promote Your Novel, Writing About Magic, Twitter for Writers) are bestsellers.

Rayne Hall is the editor of the Ten Tales anthologies:
"Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires"
"Scared: Ten Tales of Horror"
"Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts"
"Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates"
"Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft"
"Spells: Ten Tales of Magic"
"Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies"
"Seers: Ten Tales of Clairvoyance"
"Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts"
"Cogwheels: Ten Tales of Steampunk"
with more titles coming soon.

The stories in her Six Scary Tales series and the Thirty Scary Tales collection are subtle horror: suspenseful, creepy atmospheric, unsettling. Although they contain little violence and gore, they may not be suitable for young readers. Many of these stories have been previously published in other books or magazines.

British English: All Rayne Hall's books use British words, spellings, grammar and punctuation. If you're allergic to British English, avoid them. ;-)

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