Monday, September 01, 2014

Cover Reveal: The Laundromat by Ronnie Strong

Still upset by her husband’s departure a year ago, Petra remains unsure of herself and close relationships. An attractive and sensual middle-aged woman, she has been partially satisfying her sexual urges through a steamy online relationship.

Petra is now meeting her online lover for the first time at an odd venue, a laundromat. She dresses provocatively for the meeting in keeping with Paul’s texted instructions. Puzzled at her easy compliance, she soon finds her desires are reawakened by discarding her worries and inhibitions.

Succumbing to several confronting situations, Petra discovers inner resources and learns how to achieve a wonderful state of ecstasy. After further surprises, she quickly becomes deeply acquainted with new intimate friends and finds a different and happier way of leading her life.


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Ronnie came to writing erotica relatively late in life. He lives with his young family near La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) where he recently completed a PhD. Ronnie is a working parent with a partner and kids. His day job with a government body is a bit of a distraction, but does pay the bills. Ronnie loves music (especially David Bowie) likes going to the football, reading widely, and great movies and television series.

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