Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Sacred Puppies by A.T. Russell


Toward the end of the Dark Ages, the Original Master commanded a scourge of the Kindred. Those chosen to remain were further commanded to use shifter wolves for daylight protection while they were at rest. Lazily, perhaps crazily, the king chosen to reign over the undeads decided to use his mystical blood to infuse with wild wolves, hoping to creating a creature he could master via blood-bind. His error was monumental, as wolves are not docile creatures and are only commanded by their recognized (wolf) alphas... and they were the least of his worries. Six hundred years have passed and Kenny Trammell is prepared to ascend. Beliefs, hopes, dreams, and more are attached to his growth. Capping it all is a mate that Kenny would have never chosen for himself. His life is a living hell, and with all of his might, Kenny is powerless to change anything affecting him. When he decides to give up on everyone and run away from his reality, what he is, a supernatural link grows between him and his missing siblings. At that point, unable to escape from others, even himself, Kenny decides stake a territorial claim away from his birth Pack. In the process, he has also decided to destroy those responsible for the loss of his youngest siblings... the Sacred Puppies.

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~My 3.5* Review~

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

As you can see from my 3.5* rating I have enjoyed Sacred Puppies but I didn't love it. I really did enjoy the preternatural aspect in that Sacred Puppies has Werewolves, Vampires and Witches.

It's got a good story line and some pretty awesome characters. But for me it seemed to take ages to actually get going. Once the action kicked in the detail was great. A.T. Russell hasn't scrimped on the blood and gore aspects.

A.T. Russell has a good writing style and I was easily thrown into the story, I could see everything that was happening and I could sense some of the characters emotions too.

However, because I felt as though it was fairly slow paced I feel as though I've spent ages reading this book, which in turn has left me feeling a little frustrated.

Overall this is a good book, just a little long for my liking. But if you like Werewolves, Vampires and Witches and don't mind a long read then I'd recommend giving Sacred Puppies a read.

~About The Author~

I'm A.T. Russell, author of the New Alpha Rising Saga. Apex, and Generations Trilogy, published by Twisted Core Press. I also contributed, Greed, to the Seven Deadly Sins, a masterful short-story collaboration, which was the first of four short stories included in four separate anthologies published by 7DS Books. 

I am a retired U.S. Navy Chief currently residing in Chicagoland. To learn more about me and my books, go to or

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