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Review: The Storm by Laura Lexington


Jana Cook was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her fierce determination leads to a successful career in medical device sales. Toss in five-star meals, fabulous sex with her nearly perfect husband, Andrew, and a gorgeous new house … and Jana’s life is picture perfect before she hits the big 3-0. What more can a girl want? 

Overnight, her life begins to unravel. When Jana discovers she is pregnant, she dives from hero to zero in the eyes of Covington Company. Despite a resume most would kill for, Jana finds herself unemployed and devastated. Challenging her employer could change her life … if she wins. Does she have the strength to handle the gossip and face the likely reality of being blackballed from her industry? 

As Jana struggles to make the right choice, her vivacious best friend, Grace, is convinced her own heartthrob husband, Gavin, is hiding something. Despite Jana’s best efforts to convince her that she is wrong, Grace’s mental illness overpowers reality. Jana was a superstar in scrubs, but navigating first time motherhood is real work … especially in the midst of secrets, lies, and unthinkable tragedy. 

She makes her decision. And while Andrew promises to never let her fall, will love be enough to spark the bravery she needs to survive the storm that threatens to overcome her? 

***Due to adult themes and sexual content, this novel is not recommended for those under the age of 18***

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Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Jana Cook is loving her life. She's been given the chance to progress her career which means that her and Andrew; her hubby; can move back to Fairhope.

And so it begins...

Back in Fairhope with the support of friends and family; life is almost perfect. Her resume and track record with Covington Company are exemplary; and others would kill for her record. But that's just not good enough for her new boss. Jana discovers that she is pregnant, and when her boss finds out everything changes.

Jana now faces a huge decision, after Covington Company lays her off in "necessary cuts" she is devastated. But despite everything deep down Jana knows that her track record should have meant she kept her job.

The questions remain should she fight Covington Company? Can she win? Is she strong enough?

The answers...

You'll have to grab yourself a copy and have a read!! :)

The Storm has everything. Its packed full of so much emotion, from love, lust, passion, anger, hurt, fear and confusion. All of these emotions are so real.

The characters are also very realistic and believable. With each page and each event the characters grow and evolve. I also love how the secondary characters play key roles in the main plot and help to create more depth and reality.

The story is amazing, its a definite romance but it doesn't focus solely on that aspect. The story line encompasses other real life issues, like discrimination in the workplace, Bipolar Disorder, trust and intimacy issues.

Laura Lexington's writing style is fantabulous too! There is no confusion, things are explained clearly. The dialogue between the characters is realistic and believable. The emotion practically pours from the pages. I swear I felt my heart break (more than once). The pacing is is spot on; I never felt bored. 

Laura had me hooked from the very start, right through until the very end. For a debut novel this is a fantastic start and certainly doesn't read as though it's Laura's first book.

I'm so please and grateful that I have been given the chance to discover this promising new author. I am now looking forward to reading Laura's next book; and Gavin's story!

A huge congratulations and well done on your debut novel Laura! I can't wait for your next book!!

A huge 5* from me! :) <3

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Laura Lexington is a Contemporary Women's Fiction and Contemporary Romance Author in the Southern United States.

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