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Spotlight #1: Carmilla Voiez and The Starblood Trilogy

Over the next few days we're going to be spotlighting the lovely author Carmilla Voiez and her books. I'll be starting by introducing you to Carmilla, then I'll continue on to her books and of course all the places you can stalk her and find her work. Without further ado I present CARMILLA VOIEZ...

~Author Bio~

Carmilla Voiez is a new voice in the world of horror and dark fantasy. Her imagery harks back to the writings of Clive Barker and H P Lovecraft, but her voice is uniquely female. A varied diet of feminism and activism, a deep love of horror and a fascination with the Goth aesthetic created the creature of darkness we find today. Her books are both extraordinarily personal and universally challenging. As Jef Rouner of Houston Press once said - "You do not read her books, you survive them."

Carmilla lives in North East Scotland and finds inspiration in the wildlife, castles and desolate places that surround her. She lives with her two children, cats, and a poet, by the sea.

Carmilla's short stories can be found in a number of anthologies, including Klarissa Dreams. Her novels "The Ballerina and the Revolutionary" and "The Starblood Trilogy" are available for Kindle and in paperback. The Starblood graphic novel with art by Anna Prashkovich is due out on Sep 30 and the team have already started work on Psychonaut the graphic novel. A complete collection of her short stories "Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales" is due to follow in 2017. Carmilla Voiez also writes erotica and a collection of these stories is available for Kindle.

~Places To Stalk Carmilla~

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So now we've met Carmilla, lets take a look at her books. We'll start with The Starblood Trilogy...



Satori, an adept Chaos Magician, casts a spell to try and win back his lost love, Star. Lilith, mother of demons, has other ideas. Summoned by Satori's magic, she makes it her mission to manipulate and separate the doomed lovers.

Satori knows he and Star are meant to be together. He battles demons, travels worlds and even transcends death for her but, however much she begs, he can't grant her the freedom she craves.

The Starblood Trilogy is a tale of sorcery, demonology, murder, sexual obsession and Gothic subculture. In the words of Jef Rouner (Houston Press) "You don't read [Carmilla Voiez's] books. You survive them." and Starblood may be the most brutal female-centred horror of them all. Winner of numerous indie awards, The Starblood Trilogy is being adapted into a series of graphic novels with art by Anna Dmitrieva.

"Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life." Graham Masterton.

~Book Links~

Intrigued? I know I was. Here's a couple of teasers and excerpts from the book...


Chapter 1
Satori stands in the centre of his bedroom. His fingers and the lace cuffs of his shirt are stained from the charcoal he uses to scribble symbols. Markings cover every surface: the bare floorboards, ceiling and walls. Even his wardrobe and door are covered in intricate black sigils.
He unbuttons his shirt, swearing as he leaves fingerprints on the cotton. After tossing the garment on to his bed, he unzips his jeans, and forces the denim over his legs and to the floor. Standing naked, he smells himself. There is no trace of her scent on his body. Realising this feels like losing her all over again.
His fragile-looking, angular body is lost in the forest of writing. It expands around him, a web of ancient knowledge. The tips of his fingers prickle with energy.
He pulls silver rings from his fingers. Pushing back his shoulder-length hair, he removes the hoops from his left ear, and finally the silver stud from his sharply pointed nose. His jewellery jingles like tiny bells as he lets it fall, scattering like distant stars across the midnight duvet. On his pillow, dozens of photographs lie like fallen leaves. Some are intact but most are torn or defaced. Her face holds his thoughts for a moment: pale, perfect and framed by a mass of ebony curls. He shakes his head to clear her image. After this is over he will make her love him again. Maybe she will beg for his forgiveness. A wolfish grin grows across his face at the thought of Star on her knees, begging him to take her back. He licks his lips. His face feels hot, his body cold. In spite of his impatience to start the ritual, he waits. Sucking deep breaths in through his nostrils, he collects his thoughtshe mustn’t rush. He must be in control of himself and his desires.
Whispering, he draws the same glyphs on his body. He starts with his toes and the soles of his feet, moving upwards and over his skin with practised dexterity. Charcoal drags against his skin, which blossoms pink below each mark. The growing tattoo obscures his features.
Although he knows the words he needs to say, he reads the passage again, to be certain. He draws two circles on the floor and steps into one of them. With the fingers of his right hand he traces a pentagram in the air before him. Then he recites the words, his voice slow and clear, pronouncing each syllable with care.
‘ … This is my will,’ he says finally.
~Excerpt 2~
Satori does not want to step towards her. She is Star, but she is more and less than that. She is a dark goddess, mother to a demon child, terrifying in aspect, but at the same time she is destroyed, ravaged and broken. Yet he knows these things are surface. He feels a force behind them, brightness and strength. It frightens him.
‘Hurry up, Satori. What are you waiting for?’ Star asks.
He swallows hard and pulls himself to his feet. His muscles shake as he takes two steps towards her. The stench of her putrefying flesh unmasks him and he weeps.
‘Stay strong,’ she tells him. She untangles one arm from the child and reaches behind her.
The disturbed baby swivels its head and looks towards Satori. Its green eyes do not blink and when it smiles, teeth like needles decorate its mouth.
Star reaches towards Satori. Jewels glint in her fist: his dagger. He forces his arm towards her. When their fingers meet an icy chill burns his skin, but he does not let go. He grips her delicate fingers in his own and remembers how she used to be.
‘I love you,’ he says.
Her smile grows wider and blood drips from her mouth. ‘I know,’ she answers. ‘I love you too.’


Mark pulls his coat around him. A fire crackles in a metal bin at the other side of the tunnel. Its promise of warmth calls to him like a siren, but the crowd around the flames warns him to stay back. Who knows whether they are friend or foe? Hiding is safer.
He wonders whether he will see his mother tomorrow. If I do, will I be too frightened to confront her? Why should I be afraid of anything? I’m her son. She has to love me, doesn’t she? Even so, fear consumes him. Greedy faces look at him in expectation, fear in some eyes and desire in others. Everyone seems to want something from him, while all he wants is to be left alone. If only I could wear a cloak to shield me from their prying eyes. The filthy stink of his body should be camouflage enough, but it isn’t. They see him, the real him, through the grime and they want him. He doesn’t know exactly what they want, but he is certain it is something he isn’t willing to give.
A can rattles at the end of the tunnel. Mark looks up and sees a group of young men stride through the darkness toward the fire. The men move confidently and appear strong. They do not shuffle or wheeze. This is not their home. So why are they here? Is it for me? He hears cruel laughter and his body stiffens.
The people around the fire notice the strangers approach. Mud-stained heads turn and grimy bodies jerk inelegantly around the flaming bin. The light in the tunnel shifts and dances. Through strobe-like illumination, the men approach. They look more menacing than ever as their shaven heads are thrown alternately into shadow then light.
The leader twists his arm and a heavy chain uncoils by his side. Mark pushes himself further into shadow as the strangers move closer to the hobos around the fire.
‘Fuck off!’ A drunken man lurches from behind the fire bin towards the group of skinheads.
‘What did you say, Grandpa?’ The leader strides towards the swaying man.
The drunk shakes his head, thinking better of his plan and moves to walk away.
The man with the chain lifts his hand and cracks his metal whip against the skull of the staggering drunk. The vagrant’s knees buckle and he falls to the floor. Stagnant water rises around his body. The skinheads gather around the fallen body like hyenas. Mark notices a thread of blood flow from the man’s head, making the water around him pink.
...There is also a FB party for the release of Starblood Graphic Novel on September 30th. Fancy joining us? here's the link...

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