Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Spotlight: 2 Books by Jason Ellis

It's time to spotlight an author and his work. This is a new author to me and I am yet to read his work. He is a UK author and I'm very pleased to be helping him out. Please keep reading for more about author Jason Ellis and 2 of his books...

The first book I'm spotlighting of Jason's is: 

Female: 918: Part I: Exist & Survive (Exist. Survive. Live.)


There are seventeen inked dots on the inside of my left forearm - to indicate my age - plus the identifier, F-918. That is my name, the only one I have ever been known by. -- A future impossible to imagine. The world is a connected entity, covered in train tracks which link countries and floating cities. The advancements in technology and science also carry a darker edge. Slavery has returned. People are grown to serve. Executions are commonplace to keep the workforce in line. -- I am a biological product. I am here solely to serve and toil for others. I do not have any rights, I do not have a name or a voice that can be heard in the world, except my own thoughts, my own internal monologue. -- Many disagree, and argue on behalf of the slaves, for a fairer way of life, yet their words change nothing. One path remains. Brutal. Necessary. War. -- I hear the rhythmic thud of military boots as a platoon of soldiers hurtle towards us both on their way to secure the area. The boy stares at me again. Despite his injured lip, he manages a smile and his eyes widen. "… And we're going to win," he says.

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The second of Jason's books I'll be spotlighting is:

My Long Journey To Sincerity: Elana Mayne


I'll be donating a percentage of royalties from every sale of this one to ME/ CFS research :)

Another shift in the dream occurs before I receive an answer. I'm now standing at the front door. "Goodbye, Mother, Father. I'm so sorry about everything. I will come back to you, even if it takes me the rest of my life, I will find my way back to you." My mother wipes a tear off of her cheek. "Be safe, Elana. You know we will always love you … we'll always trust and believe you." My father stands just behind her, emotional himself yet keeping his silent, stern exterior. "I love you too, Mother … and you, Father." I hold out my hand. I want to feel the touch of my parents one last time … know their comfort … The hallway darkens. I see my parents standing hundreds of feet away, unreachable … then the darkness swallows everything like an insatiable beast.

A future not so far away ... the world changed after the virus. It spread across the globe at a cruel speed, cutting through the population with no remorse. Every aspect of life transformed: the balance of power, law, education ... the very core of society itself became moulded by the new global power. They control everything. They are Central Government.

Sixteen year old Elana Mayne overhears a secret conversation and witnesses a terrible crime. Her world crumbles afterwards and she is lost, surrounded by lies ... changed forever. Can she learn to trust again? Can she fight the regime that betrayed and so easily abandoned her? Is she capable of revenge?

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Now for a bit about the author himself and some stalker links:

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Jason is a man of mystery and doesn't have a bio, but I'm sure if you join him on one or all of his social links then you may learn a little more about him! We can however see what he looks like:

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