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Spotlight #3: Carmilla Voiez and The Erotic Tales of Carmilla Voiez

As mentioned over the last few days we've been spotlighting the lovely author Carmilla Voiez and her books. (I missed yesterday's post, Sorry, bad Lou). Today we've got the last of the 3 and we're looking at The Erotic Tales of Carmilla Voiez...


Pansexual fairy tales of desire, delight and gentle domination, including - A Christmas Carole (F/F pantomime romp), Silk (Romantic M/F supernatural erotica), Sex Magic (F/F supernatural dark erotica), Dreams of Saturnalia (M/F fantasy erotica) and Jack & the Beanstalk (F/F and M/F fairy tale parody).

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Here's a couple of teasers and excerpts from the book...


Carole sighs again when she sees the length of the queue.

‘Isn’t Santa a bit busy? Maybe we should come back later?’

‘No,’ Amy says. Her eyes mirror the stubbornness of Carole’s sister when they were children. ‘I don’t mind waiting.’

Child and aunt step forward as more eager children and bored-looking guardians join the queue behind them. Another eternity, a hundred more baby steps forward and they push through a curtain of foil to the grotto. A jangling rendition of "Jingle Bells" fills the space. Plaster of Paris elves wrap gifts and fairy lights twinkle above like stars. Amy gasps.

Carole smiles and gently squeezes her niece’s hand. Ahead an elf whispers to parents, adding children’s names and ages to an electronic "good list". The elf steps closer. Above the circles of rouge on the woman’s heart- shaped face are soft brown eyes with heavy lashes. Her short black hair is tucked behind prosthetic ears, but it is her smile which makes Carole’s heart beat faster.

~Excerpt 2~
Within the circles of his enhanced vision, she danced. Her hair as black as night and her skin like moonlight, she twirled and angled her body as gracefully as any ballerina, but with movements that looked spontaneous and natural. She seemed completely unaware of him. She danced for herself, enjoying the motion of her naked body in the cool evening breeze.
She was complete and perfect. Time seemed to stand still as he watched, and David’s heavy breathing became the only sound - an orchestra for her performance. Unable to tear his eyes away from the dance or from her lithe, elegant limbs and delicate, rounded breasts and buttocks, David watched. In spite of the cooling air, perspiration gathered on his face and hands. His penis hardened within the confines of his linen trousers.

He wanted her more than any woman he had ever seen. He knew he needed to have her.

She bent over and he saw, framed by her buttocks, the soft, pink tinted lips of her sex. He panted as he strained his eyesight, fiddling with magnification, begging the binoculars to push between those lips and discover everything about her. He wanted to explore every secret her body held until he knew her, completely.

So now we've looked at The Erotic Tales of Carmilla Voiez, here's a bit about Carmilla and the places that you can stalk her...

~Author Bio~

Carmilla Voiez is both an author and a writer/activist in the arena of sexual politics. Unlike her dark, disturbing and challenging novels which deal with a multitude of themes, she writes uplifting, sex-positive and feel-good erotic tales. These short stories reflect the beauty and life-confirming aspects of female sexuality.

~Places To Stalk Carmilla~

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