Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: GRIT Sector 1: The Uprising by Rebecca Sherwin

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Title: The Uprising
Series: GRIT (Sector 1): Book 2
Genre: Dark Romance

I thought he was mine.
He belonged to the underground.
I wanted to know every secret.
I thought we were safe.
I thought we had won the fight.
Trixie Ashford-Blackwood is now a part of a world she had no idea existed a mere few months ago. Married to a vigilante, heir to the throne of the organisation governing London, and chasing her own tail as she tries to uncover more clues about her purpose within GRIT, Trixie is battling against time as much as she is her husband. She has no idea what lies ahead, no idea who the man is who lays with her at night, and no idea of the traitors hiding in plain sight, waiting to spill her priceless blood. Elias Blackwood continues to fight his urges. He controls his desires, keeps the beast contained and refuses to acknowledge the risk that he may let loose on his wife. GRIT is slipping through his fingers, his control wavering with every minute that passes, while betrayal runs rife within the ranks of his army. He fights against time, and the people who are trying to bring the king of the empire to his knees; to not only keep them alive, but save a city that is drowning in evil and debauchery. But GRIT aren’t the only people working the Capital. Someone else is watching them. Analysing them. Preparing to strike. Someone else is preparing to step up and threaten their place on the throne. Someone is about to declare war on GRIT. An uprising is upon them. No one could have foreseen the betrayal. No one could have anticipated the devastation they would soon have to face.
****Warning: GRIT is a dark romance series. There are no rainbows and butterflies.****
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GRIT Sector 1: Elias (must be read first)
~My Review~

Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. 

Ever feel like you shouldn't be enjoying something as much as you are? That's how this book made me feel. It's so dark, so twisted and oh so wrong but in a really good way, that it's made me question if I'm just as twisted and disturbed as Rebecca for enjoying it so much, and for wanting more!!!

I'm refusing to discuss the actual plot in this review for 3 reasons:
1) I will not post spoilers and ruin this for anyone who is yet to read it,
2) It's not over yet and I haven't fully unravelled this twisted tale fully.
3) If you haven't read Elias yet this will only spoil it and confuse you.

How am I going to review then? Of that I'm still not 100% sure!!! :D :D

Once again Rebecca has left me utterly lost for words. I am finding that Rebecca's writing is becoming darker and more twisted with each and every book I read.

The path that Elias and Trixie are taking is so unpredictable and so turbulent. Just when I think that I may have actually begun to grasp how things are going, BAM, I encounter another little something that I didn't expect!!

GRIT Sector 1: The Uprising is an addictive, twisted, tangled web of love and hate, despair and longing. The characters are all complex and have a depth that I have rarely encountered. Both Trixie and Elias have a firm hold of my heart and mind.

I felt like I was there alongside them every step of the way. With each and every Elias as he showed through. I was scared both with and for Trixie, I was itching to fight for her and with her. Their emotions felt like they were my own.

Rebecca's writing style is fantastic as always. It allows you to be fully immersed in each and every dark, twisted and gritty page! It hooks you from the start and doesn't let you go, even when the books ends you're still hooked and want more, I am anyway!!! I'm desperate to get my hands on the next part of this epic series.

This is a complicated, intricate web of disturbing words, woven together with such skill and creativity that it will answer and create enough questions to leave you begging for more... An outstanding continuation of this series!!!

My conclusion? Simple... READ THIS SERIES!!! But PLEASE, PLEASE read Grit Sector 1: Elias first!!!

~Meet Rebecca~
Rebecca is a London born and bred mother, writer and psychology student. She is the mother of a superhero (who is currently growing his hair like Thor! Edit: he recently cut it like Captain America! ) and spends her days with her nose stuck in a textbook, her fingers tapping away at the keys…or she’s building forts and eating gummy bears. She is the author of dark psychological romance. An avid reader and lover of stories that keep you guessing, Rebecca writes tales that will challenge your perceptions and toy with your emotions. Her stories invite you to open your mind and dig deeper into the meanings of the lives of each and every character you meet. She entices you into their world – to feel with them, grow with them, to love with them. She asks you to become a part of them and allow them to become a part of you.
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(she accepts virtual slaps, but does not accept responsibility for kindles being thrown whilst reading her books!)
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