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Reviews: Autumn's Rise and Monday's Promise by R.G. Corr

Autumn's Rise
Haywater Novel #1
R.G. Corr


On the discovery of a family secret and the heart-wrenching events that follow, Autumn Chamberlain has lost what little faith she had in those closest to her. Knowing she can never truly live her life if she remains with her family, and with an abundance of guilt laying heavily in her heart, she escapes the lonely world she felt forced to live in and heads to the seaside town of Haywater. The aim, to look for a new beginning, a fresh start. But she has one clear notion –
to never love again.

Talented surfer, Zed Maddison, has always worked hard at protecting those closest to him, until the day he fails. Fighting his own demons, Zed flees his close family; unable to
face them and the remorse he feels before finally arriving in Haywater.

When their worlds collide, Zed has an unfathomable need to protect Autumn and becomes relentless in his fight, forcing Autumn’s defences to the limit.

Can her secrets remain dead and buried?

Or will a revelation destroy everything?

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~My Review~

Disclaimer: I recieved a free copy from the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Meet Autumn.

Autumn is a young woman trying to find her way in the world. When she came to Haywater she just wanted to leave her past behind & to start again, so for so good. She has a couple of good friends but when they try to get her to open up about her past, she shuts them down. Unsure of how to deal with the emotions her past makes her feel, she chooses to bury them & not deal with them.

Enter Zed.

Zed is intrigued by Autumn, he is drawn to her & wants to know everything about her. Autumn upon melting Zed thinks he is rude & she tries to keep him at arms length. It would appear that Zed underneath that rude exterior is a kind soul who also has a hidden past.

Will their pasts catch up with them?

This is R.G. Corr's debut novel and I feel that it is a great way to start. The characters are well thought out, realistic, they integrate together, compliment each other & the story immensely. The storyline shows a believable level of everyday life, it depicts a romance that people can relate to. It shows friendships that are tested and strengthened.

I think that R.G. Corr has written a great story that captures the reader's attention & holds it until the bitter end. It makes you feel included & part of everything that happens. The characters & their emotions takeover your heart & mind, they draw you further into their world until you can no longer distinguish between fiction & reality.

This was a wonderfully emotional story, that captured my mind & my heart. I was sad to see the story end but happy knowing that I had Monday's Promise (Book 2) to continue with straight after.

I feel that R.G. Corr 's debut novel has shown that she has potential to be an amazingly talented author. I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress in the next book. I give Autumn's Rise a rating of...

Monday's Promise
Haywater Novel #2
R.G. Corr


Promises lead to devastation.

They always have.

From the day he was born, Reid Banner had to fight for his place in life.
At the age of eight, he was already on his ninth foster placement: lonely, hurting, and with a heart full of broken promises. When he meets the Maddisons, life slowly but finally, moves forward, and Reid sees a way he may be able to make it in this world.

Then a promise is made…

Tragedy follows, forcing him to ride into the night and make a decision that changes the rest of his life.

Together, the Maddisons join Reid in battling their way through grief.
But when another promise is made…

The past that Reid hoped would never again darken his doors comes back to break him - jeopardising all that he cares for.

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~My Review~

Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy from the author in exchange for nothing more than an honest review. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Monday's Promise returns us to Haywater, but this time Autumm & Zed are the side characters. This time its Reid & Bea who are the stars. What a tale this promises to be. Now we see the real Reid Banner, we learn about his past, his childhood & his family. Finally we can understand Reid!

Bea has a soft spot for Reid, but refuses to admit it. Instead she turned to dating, I mean serial dating. The people in Haywater think that she has slept with all of her dates, the truth; no-one but Bea knows.

Bea & Reid are friends but neither knows the true extent of the others feelings. And we get to join them on this emotional & heartfelt journey of discovery, friendships & romance. There is no denying that Reid & Bea have a level of banter that makes you laugh but there is an underlying feeling that is ever present.

The plot is well laid out & easy to follow, it draws you in & holds you there until the end. I could feel so much emotion coming from the pages of this book, I'm given no choice but to believe that it was written with the same amount of emotion.

Overall I thought that Monday's Promise was better than Autumn's Rise. Although I can't quite place why, maybe I just found Reid & Bea easier to relate too. This book is packed full of love, lust, romance, humour & hurt.

I have no doubt it'll cause many moments of laughing, smiling & crying for most people who read it. It did for me. You may even experience a book hangover; I know I did! After reading Monday's Promise & taking weeks to write this review I have no choice but to say that I cannot wait to see what comes next from RG Corr and to give Monday's Promise a huge rating of...

~About The Author~

R. G. Corr is a mum of 3 who loves to read almost as much as she does to write. When she's not working or writing, you'll find her nose deep in her kindle swooning over her latest book boyfriend.

Having had an overactive imagination for many years, a discussion with a friend at a soft play area, amidst the noise and mayhem of toddlers, finally convinced her to put pen to paper and write her first novel.

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