Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: Rules Of Payne by Elizabeth Lynx


If you love office romances, don't miss this sexy read.
Executive Henrik Payne is used to women following his rules. When his new assistant shows him life isn't all about rules can he learn to break them?

Morgana Drake's boss is short-tempered, self-centered, in dire need of a social life, probably an undiagnosed workaholic, and practically unbearable. Yet, she wants to slather him in vanilla buttercream frosting and lick it off him from head to toe, and especially in between. Will she manage to keep her fantasies in check without getting fired, again?

Rules of Payne is the standalone and the first book in the Cake Love series. If you like quirky heroines, misunderstood heroes, and books that leave you breathless then Elizabeth Lynx's take on what happens behind the sexy boss's office door is a must-read.

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~My Review~
After reading the original version of The Rules of Payne & enjoying it as much as I did; I was so happy to be given the opportunity to read this new & improved version of Rules Of Payne. I loved the original 2 books but I have to say that I think this new revised edition is much better.

The characters are so realistic, so likeable & loveable, they are full of emotions, flaws & their personalities come through in everything they do.

Morgana had me routing for her from the beginning. There's nothing to not the about her! She's smart, funny, flirty, clumsy & loves cake. I mean seriously loves cake, if she could she'd marry cake.

Henrik is sexy, smart & comes across as a complete jerk at the best of times. I found myself calling him a prick more than once. As the story goes on I couldn't help but like the guy.

The chemistry & banter between Henrik & Morgana is fantastic, it makes the story so funny & so enjoyable.

Elizabeth Lynx's writing style is great, she has such a way with words. Her writing grabs hold of your attention & pulls you right into the world she's created. The emotion, wit & chemistry that has been written into this story are off the charts. The characters are all so realistic, they have their flaws & strengths. They all compliment each other & they rub each other the wrong way too, which just adds to the fun!

The Rules Or Payne was a pleasure to read from start to finish. The changes only seem to have made this better.

Well done on a successful update Elizabeth.

Rules Of Payne is a great book! If you want a funny, down to earth read with some steaminess too then grab yourself a copy now & come & met Morgana & Henrik.

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