Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review: Letters To Lincoln by Tracie Podger

Letters to Lincoln – A contemporary romance - is now live!

What do you do when your husband dies unexpectedly?
You write him a letter, of course.
What do you do when someone answers that letter?

Dani was mid-thirties when she found herself alone and without her soulmate.
Coming to terms with her loss took all her strength and her voice.
If Dani thought she’d experienced the worst life could throw at her, she was wrong.
Lies, deceit, confusion surround her.
A stranger, a builder, and a priest, comfort her.
Letters to Lincoln is a contemporary romance about overcoming loss, finding the strength to rebuild a life, and learning to forgive.

********* For readers over the age of 18 ********

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Where the hell do I start?

I don’t think that there is any way that I can do this book the justice it deserves without giving too much away, but I’m going to try…

I had been warned that this book was emotional but I had no idea just how emotional it would make me feel.

This book is epic!

Letters To Lincoln is real, raw and has every emotion I can think of. The characters are real and easy to relate to. I felt as though I was there alongside Dani, I could feel every thought and emotion as though they were my own. Their interactions are seamless and very realistic; it’s as though they are real people that are in front of me not just characters in a book.

This book had my attention captured from the get go, I’m still struggling to read anything at the minute because of the hangover I’ve been left with!!
The storyline flows effortlessly. It’s clear to see the hard work and emotion that Ms. Podger has invested in this story.
The twists and turns will keep you guessing and wondering just where you’ll end up or be taken next on this emotional rollercoaster ride.

Ms. Podger’s writing has once again delivered a truly captivating story of loss, love, deception, family and friends. As Ms. Podger is a multi-genre I have given up trying to second guess what's in store. I just know that it will be good. Ms. Podger has managed to write another book that has a direct link to my heart strings. Letters To Lincoln really did cause me to take a step back and take a good hard think about life.

My recommendation: grab a copy of Letters To Lincoln, a glass of wine, box of chocolates, some tissues, a comfy seat and turn your phone to silent, then step into Dani’s world!

An amazing, emotional and epic story worthy of so much more than 5 stars.

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