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~About Lou~

My name is Louise, but I prefer being called Lou. I'm the founder of Relaxed Reads. I currently live in the UK with my boyfriend John; who I frequently refer to as hubby. I work full time and have a passion for cooking, baking, reading, running, playing golf (albeit badly), and many other things.
This is my little piece of web space where I discuss all things bookish with the occasional bit of food or holiday thrown in! You'll find all sorts of book posts on here from Cover Reveals, Spotlights, Reviews, Interviews, Street Team Posts and anything else I can do to help out authors whom I may have already featured to those I'm newly acquainted with. I mostly feature Indie Authors as they do an awesome job and I know just how difficult it can be for them to build a fan base.
So if your an Author looking for someone to help promote your work or would like a review, then please check out my Review Policy first then feel free to Contact Me and we'll discuss what I can do for you.

~About Fran~

My Name is Fran, and I was asked to Join Relaxed Reads back in 2015 when Lou realised how much I love to read :)

I am a Scot from our wonderful City of Edinburgh, Married to an amazing Man who is also called John But better known as JJ, My passions are Books, cooking, Travelling to various parts in our amazing country.

I help to post reviews for mainly Indie authors also thanks to Lou, I have found this genre, its fab fun and flirtatious, I will read pretty much anything apart from things like walking dead and dystopian themes.

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